Setting up Migrate for Anthos

Before you begin migrating, you set up Migrate for Anthos by creating a GKE processing cluster, then installing Migrate for Anthos on it.

The setup steps will differ depending on the source platform you're migrating from.

The steps to set up Migrate for Anthos.

  1. Read the prerequisites.

    Confirm that your workloads' OS and source platform are compatible for migration.

  2. If you're migrating from VMware, AWS, or Azure, set up Migrate for Compute Engine components.

    Migrate for Compute Engine components coordinate with your source platform, including to facilitate storage streaming from your source VMs.

  3. Configure a processing cluster.

    You'll need to set up a GKE cluster for processing the migration. You do the migration via this cluster before deploying to production.

  4. Install Migrate for Anthos.

    You install Migrate for Anthos to your processing cluster.