Google Maps Platform Credits Policy

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The following rules apply to Google Maps Platform credits:

1. Your use of the Google Maps Platform is governed by the Google Maps Platform Terms of Service

2. If Google approves your Google Maps Platform credits application, a Google Maps Platform credit will be added to the billing section of your Google Cloud Platform Console Billing Account.

  • The user is responsible to pay for any usage cost that is incurred.
  • Credits will only affect Google Maps Platform usage cost that is incurred after the credit has been put into the billing account. Unused Google Maps Platform credits will not roll over into the following month.
  • If your usage of Google Maps Platform products exceeds the amount of credit in a monthly billing cycle, charges for any usage in excess of the credited amount will be applied to your Cloud Billing Account. You are required to pay these charges, pursuant to the Google Maps Platform Terms of Service. To avoid unexpected charges, you should employ technical safeguards in your use of Google Maps Platform and monitor your usage carefully.

3. Google reserves the right to review your use of Google Maps Platform at any time. If review determines your use is substantially different than the use case included on your application, Google reserves the right to cancel or revoke your Google Maps Platform credits.

4. Google Maps Platform credits are granted by Google in its sole discretion. Prior grants do not entitle any grantee to future grants. Google reserves the right to discontinue the Google Maps Platform credits  at any time, with respect to any particular grantee, or all grantees.  If Google decides to discontinue Google Maps Platform credits it will make a good faith effort to provide 60 days advance notice.

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