Create a token for workload identity federation with AWS

Creates a token that IAM workload identity federation can verify without revealing the AWS secret access key.

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To learn how to install and use the client library for IAM, see IAM client libraries. For more information, see the IAM Python API reference documentation.

import json
import urllib

import boto3
from botocore.auth import SigV4Auth
from botocore.awsrequest import AWSRequest

def create_token_aws(project_number: str, pool_id: str, provider_id: str) -> None:
    # Prepare a GetCallerIdentity request.
    request = AWSRequest(
            "Host": "",
            "x-goog-cloud-target-resource": f"//{project_number}/locations/global/workloadIdentityPools/{pool_id}/providers/{provider_id}"

    # Set the session credentials and Sign the request.
    # get_credentials loads the required credentials as environment variables.
    # Refer:
    SigV4Auth(boto3.Session().get_credentials(), "sts", "us-east-1").add_auth(request)

    # Create token from signed request.
    token = {
        "url": request.url,
        "method": request.method,
        "headers": []
    for key, value in request.headers.items():
        token["headers"].append({"key": key, "value": value})

    # The token lets workload identity federation verify the identity without revealing the AWS secret access key.
    print("Token:\n%s" % json.dumps(token, indent=2, sort_keys=True))
    print("URL encoded token:\n%s" % urllib.parse.quote(json.dumps(token)))

def main():
    # TODO(Developer): Replace the below credentials.
    # project_number: Google Project number (not the project id)
    project_number = "my-project-number"
    pool_id = "my-pool-id"
    provider_id = "my-provider-id"

    create_token_aws(project_number, pool_id, provider_id)

if __name__ == "__main__":

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