The Google Cloud's operations suite for Go

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The Google Cloud's operations suite provides powerful monitoring, logging, and diagnostics for Go applications.

Go libraries are available for the following Google Cloud's operations suite services:

Cloud Debugger

Cloud Debugger is a feature of Google Cloud that lets you inspect the state of a Go application, at any code location, without stopping or slowing down the running app. To get started with Cloud Debugger, see Setting up Cloud Debugger for Go.

Error Reporting

Error Reporting for Go aggregates and displays errors produced in your running Go applications. To get started with Error Reporting, see Setting up Error Reporting for Go.

Cloud Logging

Cloud Logging for Go allows you to store, search, analyze, monitor, and alert on log data and events in Go applications. We provide a Cloud Logging API client library with standard library logger support. To get started with Cloud Logging, see the Setting up Cloud Logging for Go.

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring for Go collects metrics, events, and metadata from Go applications. Cloud Monitoring ingests that data and generates insights via dashboards, charts, and alerts.

To get started with Cloud Monitoring, see the Cloud Client Libraries for the Cloud Monitoring API for installation and usage of the Go library.

Cloud Trace

Cloud Trace is a distributed tracing system for Google Cloud that collects latency data from Go applications and displays it in near real time in the Google Cloud console. To get started with Cloud Trace, see Setting up Cloud Trace for Go and read Distributed tracing for Go for further insights.