Incrementing a Firestore document field while using shards

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Incrementing a Firestore document field while using shards

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/// <summary>
/// Increment a randomly picked shard by 1.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="docRef">The document reference <see cref="DocumentReference"/></param>
/// <returns>The <see cref="Task"/></returns>
private static async Task IncrementCounterAsync(DocumentReference docRef, int numOfShards)
    int documentId;
    lock (s_randLock)
        documentId = s_rand.Next(numOfShards);
    var shardRef = docRef.Collection("shards").Document(documentId.ToString());
    await shardRef.UpdateAsync("count", FieldValue.Increment(1));


// incrementCounter increments a randomly picked shard.
func (c *Counter) incrementCounter(ctx context.Context, docRef *firestore.DocumentRef) (*firestore.WriteResult, error) {
	docID := strconv.Itoa(rand.Intn(c.numShards))

	shardRef := docRef.Collection("shards").Doc(docID)
	return shardRef.Update(ctx, []firestore.Update{
		{Path: "Count", Value: firestore.Increment(1)},


function incrementCounter(docRef, numShards) {
  const shardId = Math.floor(Math.random() * numShards);
  const shardRef = docRef.collection('shards').doc(shardId.toString());
  return shardRef.set({count: FieldValue.increment(1)}, {merge: true});


$ref = $db->collection('samples/php/distributedCounters');
$numShards = 0;
$docCollection = $ref->documents();
foreach ($docCollection as $doc) {
$shardIdx = random_int(0, $numShards - 1);
$doc = $ref->document($shardIdx);
    ['path' => 'Cnt', 'value' => FieldValue::increment(1)]


def increment_counter(self, doc_ref):
    """Increment a randomly picked shard."""
    doc_id = random.randint(0, self._num_shards - 1)

    shard_ref = doc_ref.collection("shards").document(str(doc_id))
    return shard_ref.update({"count": firestore.Increment(1)})


# project_id = "Your Google Cloud Project ID"
# num_shards = "Number of shards for distributed counter"
# collection_path = "shards"

require "google/cloud/firestore"

firestore = project_id: project_id

# Select a shard of the counter at random
shard_id = rand 0...num_shards
shard_ref = firestore.doc "#{collection_path}/#{shard_id}"

# increment counter
shard_ref.update({ count: firestore.field_increment(1) })

puts "Counter incremented."

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