Human in the Loop documentation

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Product Overview

HITL AI enables human verification and corrections to ensure accuracy of data extracted by Human in the Loop processors before it is used in critical business applications. It provides a workflow and UI for humans (referred to as labelers in HITL) to review, validate and correct the data extracted from documents by Human in the Loop processors. It is used across Financial Services, Health, Manufacturing, Government and other industries.

We provide two options of human labelers:

  • Bring-your-own-labelers - your own workforce or partner workforce can review the documents.
  • Google HITL Workforce - is available as a Private Preview service for documents. Currently, this is limited to review of documents that contain no Personally Identifiable Information (PII).


We support the following features:

  • Confidence threshold filters to limit the number of documents going through HITL.
  • Labeler pool management, including task assignments and efficiency analytics by task and by labeler.
  • UI cues and features that reduce labeler handling time per document.
  • Analytics and metrics by task and by labeler, so you can streamline HITL operations.


HITL AI offers the following benefits:

  • Risk mitigation - mitigate financial risks of critical data being incorrect - for example, invoice amounts, billing addresses, loan amounts, etc.
  • Simplify Exception Handling - Easily roll out a human review and exception handling workflow.
  • Workforce Efficiencies - manage, monitor and improve productivity of workforce managing human review.
  • Cost control - control costs of human review with configurable filters.
  • Data completeness - ensure extracted data is complete for downstream business applications.

Processors supported

Currently, we support the HITL review workflow for the following processors:

General Processors

  • Form Parser

Procurement Processors

  • Expense Parser
  • Invoice Parser
  • Utility Parser

Lending Processors

  • 1003 Parser
  • 1040 Parser
  • 1040 Schedule C Parser
  • 1040 Schedule E Parser
  • 1099-DIV Parser
  • 1099-G Parser
  • 1099-INT Parser
  • 1099-MISC Parser
  • 1120S Parser
  • Bank Statement Parser
  • HOA Statement Parser
  • Mortgage Statement Parser
  • Pay Slip Parser
  • Retirement/Investment Statement Parser
  • SSA-89 Parser
  • W2 Parser
  • W9 Parser

Contract Processors

  • Contract parser

Identity Processors

  • France Driver License Parser
  • France National ID Parser
  • France Passport Parser
  • US Driver License Parser
  • US Passport Parser

You will see the HITL configuration menu for these processors. Refer to the Release notes for announcements about additional processor support of HITL.


HITL Platform is in Private GA, along with the processors. Please fill out this Request form to get access to DocAI processors and you can also activate and configure HITL platform for the processors above. After your request is approved, you can follow the instructions to try the product.