Google HITL Workforce

Google HITL Workforce is a premium solution for customers and workloads.

This service is offered by labelers based in India. Although the labelers are based offshore, the service offers data-at-rest residency of HITL data in either US or EU cloud regions. We are working on a near-shore(based in Poland) Workforce service, for workloads that require data-in-transit residency in the EU, but this option is currently not available.

(Note the service does not limit the locations from which Customer, Customer End Users, or Customer-selected or Google managed labeling resources may access Customer Data, or to which they may move Customer Data.)


HITL Google Workforce however is in Private Preview (billable) and has limited availability. If you want to use Google HITL Workforce, fill out this Request form to request access.

Pricing for HITL Platform and Workforce is provided upon providing access.