API issues

Error Resolution
PERMISSION_DENIED Ensure you have set up authentication and roles correctly. In particular, ensure you have done the following:
  • Created a service account and did not accidentally delete it.
  • Provided the service account with a role that grants permission to call the desired method.
  • Downloaded the service account private key file.
  • Set the GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environment variable to the private key file.
Dialogflow API has not been used in project 32555940559 Ensure you have done the following:
  • Provided the correct project ID to the API call.

Dialogflow Console issues

Error Resolution
Failed to set up GCP project You may not have permission to create GCP projects. Check if you can create a GCP project directly from the GCP Console. If you are not able to create a project, follow the recommendations provided in the error message.

Integration issues

Error Resolution
Dialogflow Phone Gateway connectivity issues There are quotas and limits for this feature. If you receive a busy signal or the call drops, you may have exceeded your quota.
Dialogflow Messenger CX no response If you are not seeing any responses from Dialogflow Messenger, make sure that billing is enabled on the project and the Dialogflow API is enabled on the project.