A Datastore data object.

An entity is limited to 1 megabyte when stored. That roughly corresponds to a limit of 1 megabyte for the serialized form of this message.

JSON representation
  "key": {
  "properties": {
    string: {


The entity's key.

An entity must have a key, unless otherwise documented (for example, an entity in Value.entity_value may have no key). An entity's kind is its key path's last element's kind, or null if it has no key.


map (key: string, value: object(Value))

The entity's properties. The map's keys are property names. A property name matching regex __.*__ is reserved. A reserved property name is forbidden in certain documented contexts. The name must not contain more than 500 characters. The name cannot be "".

An object containing a list of "key": value pairs. Example: { "name": "wrench", "mass": "1.3kg", "count": "3" }.

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