Get job execution details (Ruby)

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Request detailed information about the execution status of the job.

Code sample


require "google/cloud/dataflow/v1beta3"

# Create a client object. The client can be reused for multiple calls.
client =

# Create a request. To set request fields, pass in keyword arguments.
request =

# Call the get_job_execution_details method.
result = client.get_job_execution_details request

# The returned object is of type Gapic::PagedEnumerable. You can
# iterate over all elements by calling #each, and the enumerable
# will lazily make API calls to fetch subsequent pages. Other
# methods are also available for managing paging directly.
result.each do |response|
  # Each element is of type ::Google::Cloud::Dataflow::V1beta3::StageSummary.
  p response

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