Write to BigQuery using a table schema

Write from Dataflow to a new or existing BigQuery table, by providing a table schema

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import com.google.api.services.bigquery.model.TableFieldSchema;
import com.google.api.services.bigquery.model.TableRow;
import com.google.api.services.bigquery.model.TableSchema;
import java.util.Arrays;
import java.util.List;
import org.apache.beam.sdk.Pipeline;
import org.apache.beam.sdk.coders.DefaultCoder;
import org.apache.beam.sdk.extensions.avro.coders.AvroCoder;
import org.apache.beam.sdk.io.gcp.bigquery.BigQueryIO;
import org.apache.beam.sdk.io.gcp.bigquery.BigQueryIO.Write;
import org.apache.beam.sdk.io.gcp.bigquery.BigQueryIO.Write.CreateDisposition;
import org.apache.beam.sdk.options.PipelineOptionsFactory;
import org.apache.beam.sdk.transforms.Create;

public class BigQueryWriteWithSchema {
  // A custom datatype for the source data.
  public static class MyData {
    public String name;
    public Long age;

    public MyData() {}

    public MyData(String name, Long age) {
      this.name = name;
      this.age = age;

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    // Example source data.
    final List<MyData> data = Arrays.asList(
        new MyData("Alice", 40L),
        new MyData("Bob", 30L),
        new MyData("Charlie", 20L)

    // Define a table schema. A schema is required for write disposition CREATE_IF_NEEDED.
    TableSchema schema = new TableSchema()
                new TableFieldSchema()
                new TableFieldSchema()
                    .setType("INT64") // Defaults to NULLABLE

    // Parse the pipeline options passed into the application. Example:
    //   --projectId=$PROJECT_ID --datasetName=$DATASET_NAME --tableName=$TABLE_NAME
    // For more information, see https://beam.apache.org/documentation/programming-guide/#configuring-pipeline-options
    ExamplePipelineOptions options = PipelineOptionsFactory.fromArgs(args)

    // Create a pipeline and apply transforms.
    Pipeline pipeline = Pipeline.create(options);
        // Create an in-memory PCollection of MyData objects.
        // Write the data to a new or existing BigQuery table.
                (MyData x) -> new TableRow().set("user_name", x.name).set("age", x.age))

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