tagTemplateUser 역할 부여

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프로젝트 구성원에게 tagTemplateUser 역할을 부여합니다.

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이 샘플을 사용해 보기 전에 Data Catalog 빠른 시작: 클라이언트 라이브러리 사용의 자바 설정 안내를 따르세요. 자세한 내용은 Data Catalog 자바 API 참조 문서를 참조하세요.

import com.google.cloud.datacatalog.v1.DataCatalogClient;
import com.google.cloud.datacatalog.v1.TagTemplateName;
import com.google.iam.v1.Binding;
import com.google.iam.v1.Policy;
import com.google.iam.v1.SetIamPolicyRequest;
import java.io.IOException;

// Sample to grant tag access on template
public class GrantTagTemplateUserRole {

  public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
    // TODO(developer): Replace these variables before running the sample.
    String projectId = "my-project";
    String tagTemplateId = "my_tag_template";
    grantTagTemplateUserRole(projectId, tagTemplateId);

  public static void grantTagTemplateUserRole(String projectId, String templateId)
      throws IOException {
    // Currently, Data Catalog stores metadata in the us-central1 region.
    String location = "us-central1";

    // Format the Template name.
    String templateName =

    // Initialize client that will be used to send requests. This client only needs to be created
    // once, and can be reused for multiple requests. After completing all of your requests, call
    // the "close" method on the client to safely clean up any remaining background resources.
    try (DataCatalogClient dataCatalogClient = DataCatalogClient.create()) {

      // Create a Binding to add the Tag Template User role and member to the policy.
      Binding binding =

      // Create a Policy object to update Template's IAM policy by adding the new binding.
      Policy policyUpdate = Policy.newBuilder().addBindings(binding).build();

      SetIamPolicyRequest request =

      // Update Template's policy.
      System.out.println("Role successfully granted");


이 샘플을 사용해 보기 전에 Data Catalog 빠른 시작: 클라이언트 라이브러리 사용의 Node.js 설정 안내를 따르세요. 자세한 내용은 Data Catalog Node.js API 참조 문서를 확인하세요

// Import the Google Cloud client library.
const {DataCatalogClient} = require('@google-cloud/datacatalog').v1;
const datacatalog = new DataCatalogClient();

async function grantTagTemplateUserRole() {
  // Grant the tagTemplateUser role to a member of the project.

   * TODO(developer): Uncomment the following lines before running the sample.
  // const projectId = 'my_project'; // Google Cloud Platform project
  // const templateId = 'my_existing_template';
  // const memberId = 'my_member_id'

  const location = 'us-central1';

  // Format the Template name.
  const templateName = datacatalog.tagTemplatePath(

  // Retrieve Template's current IAM Policy.
  const [getPolicyResponse] = await datacatalog.getIamPolicy({
    resource: templateName,
  const policy = getPolicyResponse;

  // Add Tag Template User role and member to the policy.
    role: 'roles/datacatalog.tagTemplateUser',
    members: [memberId],

  const request = {
    resource: templateName,
    policy: policy,

  // Update Template's policy.
  const [updatePolicyResponse] = await datacatalog.setIamPolicy(request);

  updatePolicyResponse.bindings.forEach(binding => {
    console.log(`Role: ${binding.role}, Members: ${binding.members}`);


이 샘플을 사용해 보기 전에 Data Catalog 빠른 시작: 클라이언트 라이브러리 사용의 Python 설정 안내를 따르세요. 자세한 내용은 Data Catalog Python API 참조 문서를 참조하세요.

from google.cloud import datacatalog_v1
from google.iam.v1 import iam_policy_pb2 as iam_policy
from google.iam.v1 import policy_pb2

datacatalog = datacatalog_v1.DataCatalogClient()

# TODO: Set these values before running the sample.
project_id = "project_id"
tag_template_id = "existing_tag_template_id"
# For a full list of values a member can have, see:
# https://cloud.google.com/iam/docs/reference/rest/v1/Policy?hl=en#binding
member_id = "user:super-cool.test-user@gmail.com"

# For all regions available, see:
# https://cloud.google.com/data-catalog/docs/concepts/regions
location = "us-central1"

# Format the Template name.
template_name = datacatalog_v1.DataCatalogClient.tag_template_path(
    project_id, location, tag_template_id

# Retrieve Template's current IAM Policy.
policy = datacatalog.get_iam_policy(resource=template_name)

# Add Tag Template User role and member to the policy.
binding = policy_pb2.Binding()
binding.role = "roles/datacatalog.tagTemplateUser"

set_policy_request = iam_policy.SetIamPolicyRequest(
    resource=template_name, policy=policy

# Update Template's policy.
policy = datacatalog.set_iam_policy(set_policy_request)

for binding in policy.bindings:
    for member in binding.members:
        print(f"Member: {member}, Role: {binding.role}")

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