Supported C++ Versions

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Cloud Client Libraries for C++ are compatible with C++ 14, C++ 17, and C++ 20 revisions of the C++ standard. For more information about Cloud Client Libraries, see Client libraries explained.

All C++ compilers have defects and may not completely implement the C++ standard. The Cloud Client Libraries for C++ are tested with multiple versions of GCC, CLang, and MSVC to ensure they work in your development environment. To see the specific versions of these compilers we test on, see the support matrix.

Other C++ libraries provided by Google, such as gRPC, Protobuf, and Abseil, use the same support matrix.

For new development

When starting a new project, we recommend choosing the current version of C++ and the latest version of the compiler you plan to use. This ensures you have access to the latest features in the language and standard library, and that you will receive critical patches to the library and compiler.

Keeping production systems current

Keeping your production systems on supported C++ compilers and libraries is the best way to ensure that you receive critical security and bug fixes. Our C++ Cloud Client Libraries routinely release new minor versions with new features, performance improvements, and with support for newer compilers.

Where to find version information

The previously mentioned support matrix is the most up to date information about what versions of C++, C++ compilers, and C++ build tools are supported.