Struct CARootsFilePathOption (2.15.1)

Configures a custom CA (Certificates Authority) certificates file.

Most applications should use the system's root certificates and should avoid setting this option unnecessarily. A common exception to this recommendation are containerized applications. These often deploy without system's root certificates and need to explicitly configure a root of trust.

The value of this option should be the name of a file in PEM format. Consult your security team and/or system administrator for the contents of this file. Be aware of the security implications of adding new CA certificates to this file. Only use trustworthy sources for the CA certificates.

For REST-based libraries this configures the CAINFO option in libcurl. These are used for all credentials that require authentication, including the default credentials.

For gRPC-based libraries this configures the pem_roots_cert parameter in grpc::SslCredentialsOptions.

See Also for a general introduction to SSL certificate authorities.

Type Aliases


Alias Of: std::string