Continuous Delivery Tool Integrations

If you’re using containers, you need a place to store them. Your development team may benefit from having a continuous delivery system that works with containers. This lets you build, test, and deploy as part of a pipeline on a regular basis when there are changes to your code base. Google Container Registry works with several popular continuous delivery systems.


Google Container Builder - Run your container image builds in a fast, consistent, and reliable environment. Builds Docker container images for deployment in various environments. Learn more.
CircleCI - Automated build, test & deployment for public & private projects. This article walks you through the steps of setting up a service account, setting the correct environment variables in CircleCI, and writing the authentication script. Learn more.
Codeship - Continuous integration & delivery as a service. Walks you through the steps of setting up a service account, setting the correct environment variables, and writing the authentication script. Learn more.
Drone - an open source Continuous Integration server built on Docker. Provides a plugin to build and publish Docker images to the Google Container Registry. Learn more.
Jenkins - An award-winning, cross-platform, continuous integration and continuous delivery application. Provides instructions on how to get Jenkins setup on Container Engine. Learn more.
Solano CI - Faster continuous integration and deployment with unlimited auto-parallelization. Reliably build, test, and deploy your Docker workflow without operating your own container repositories or scaling your infrastructure. Learn more.
Spinnaker - An open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence. Learn more.
Shippable - Frictionless Dockerized pipelines with continuous integration, automated functional testing, and deployment to any cloud provider. Provides instructions on setting up Google Container Registry access through the Shippable UI. Learn more.
Wercker - Run your pipelines with Wercker's CLI, collaborate and deploy on the web and get notified on the desktop of failed builds and deploys. Instructions on retrieving the authentication token and using it in the internal/docker-push step. Learn more.

More information

For more information about authentication with third-party solutions, read the Advanced Authentication page.