Cloud Composer API

Manages Apache Airflow environments on Google Cloud Platform.


All URIs below are relative to

This service provides the following discovery document:

REST Resource: v1beta1.projects.locations.environments

create POST /v1beta1/{parent=projects/*/locations/*}/environments
Create a new environment.
delete DELETE /v1beta1/{name=projects/*/locations/*/environments/*}
Delete an environment.
get GET /v1beta1/{name=projects/*/locations/*/environments/*}
Get an existing environment.
list GET /v1beta1/{parent=projects/*/locations/*}/environments
List environments.
patch PATCH /v1beta1/{name=projects/*/locations/*/environments/*}
Update an environment.

REST Resource: v1beta1.projects.locations.operations

delete DELETE /v1beta1/{name=projects/*/locations/*/operations/*}
Deletes a long-running operation.
get GET /v1beta1/{name=projects/*/locations/*/operations/*}
Gets the latest state of a long-running operation.
list GET /v1beta1/{name=projects/*/locations/*}/operations
Lists operations that match the specified filter in the request.
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