Cloud Code extensions

Cloud Code provides IDE support for the full development cycle of Kubernetes applications, from creating a cluster for development and testing to running your finished application. Cloud Code also supports you along the way with run-ready samples, out-of-the-box configuration snippets, and a tailored debugging experience — making developing with Kubernetes a whole lot easier!

While Cloud Code works with any Kubernetes cluster, it provides a streamlined GKE experience for easy creation of clusters hosted on Google Cloud Platform and better integration with GCP tools like Cloud Source Repositories, Cloud Storage and a variety of Cloud libraries.

You can use Cloud Code with either VS Code or IntelliJ.


Here's a snapshot of what Cloud Code has to offer for both VS Code and IntelliJ:
Cloud Code Feature VS Code IntelliJ
Support for Java
Support for Node.js, Go, Python, .NET Core *
Run-ready starter templates
Debug ready starter templates
Support for multiple run configurations
Continuously build and run applications
Debugging support for your Kubernetes application under development
Skaffold configuration editing support
Basic Kubernetes YAML support
Advanced Kubernetes YAML support
Kubernetes resource inspection and browsing
Kubernetes cluster creation in GKE [Google], EKS [AWS] and AKS [Azure]
Log streaming and viewing
Cloud Run support
Cloud Build support for running apps
Support for cloning and pushing repos to Cloud Source Repositories
Google Cloud's operations suite snapshot based production debugging
Google Client Library Manager
Google Cloud Storage Support
Google App Engine Support
Cloud Storage Browser support for viewing buckets and blobs
* Java is supported for all Cloud Code for IntelliJ functionality; Node.js, Go, Python for Kubernetes features