Cloud Code for VS Code features

Cloud Code provides IDE support for the full development cycle of Kubernetes applications, from creating a cluster for development and testing to running your finished application. Cloud Code also supports you along the way with run-ready samples, out-of-the-box configuration snippets, and a tailored debugging experience.

While Cloud Code works with any Kubernetes cluster, it provides a streamlined GKE experience for easy creation of clusters hosted on Google Cloud Platform and better integration with GCP tools like Cloud Source Repositories, Cloud Storage and a variety of Cloud libraries.

Creating a new application workflow

Here's a snapshot of what Cloud Code has to offer:


  • Cloud Code comes with fully functional, run and debug ready samples; these can be cloned from the repo or accessed via the new application command
  • Easy creation and editing of configuration files with smart templates, out-of-the-box snippets, and context-based completions
  • Diff between local and remote JSON/YAML files
  • Support for managing Kubernetes secrets


  • Run your application on your Kubernetes clusters with one click, right from your IDE.
  • 'Watch' mode to allow continuous building and real-time editing of your live application, helping you maintain a tight development inner loop.
  • Automatic port-forwarding and resource cleanup on application termination.


  • Intuitive debugging support for applications running on Kubernetes clusters


  • View and stream logs from your deployments, pods and containers

Cluster management:

  • Quickly create clusters to develop and test your app
  • Inspect cluster resources with the inbuilt Kubernetes Explorer

Getting Support

To send feedback, report issues on GitHub, or ask a question on Stack Overflow.