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Change log for VMWARE_ESX

Date Changes
2022-09-01 Bug_fix - Unmapped principal.namespace from its hardcoded value.
2022-08-24 Enhancement - - Added new date type to parse dates of format "yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:s".
2022-08-03 Enhancement - Added the grok patterns to handle the logs with service :- hostd, vmon andd vrops.
2022-07-26 Enhancement -
Where "service" is equal to "Rhttpproxy"
- Modified mapping for "principal.namespace" from "namespace" to "WALMART".
- Mapped "namespace" to "additional.fields".
Where "service" is equal to "crond"
- Mapped "parent_pid" to "".
2022-07-05 Bugfix - Updated the parser to match the timestamp in "yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.SSSS" format.
2022-06-13 Enhancement - Modified/Added the grok patterns to handle the logs with service :- hostd, sendmail, sshd, sudo, vmcad, vmon, vpxd, vrops.
Bugfix - Modified "metadata.event_type" for 'vmauthd' logs from "USER_LOGIN" to "GENERIC_EVENT".
2022-05-02 Bugfix - As per the user requirement, target.hostname mapping changed to principal.ip for the logs which have service as "Hostd".
2022-04-13 Enhancement-Parsed the logs having the following service names: hostd-probe, vmkernel, vmkwarning, Fdm, netcpa, root, hpHelper, snmpd, etc.
Mapped logstash.ingest.timestamp to metadata.ingested_timestamp, and to intermediary.hostname, to observer.hostname.