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Change log for SALESFORCE

Date Changes
2022-09-02 Enhancement-
Migrated the custom parsers into default parser.
2022-07-04 Enhancement-
- Enhanced the parser to parse the logs having event_type 'LoginHistory'.
- Added condition to parse different formats of timestamp.
- Added condition for event_type 'USER_UNCATEGORIZED' where 'user_id' or 'UserId' or 'target_user_name' is not null.
- Added validation for parsing src_ip.
2022-04-18 Enhancement-Modified mapping for DOWNLOAD_FORMAT from 'metadata.ingestion_labels' to 'target.resource.attribute.labels'.
2022-03-30 Enhancement-Changed event_type for 'LoginEventStream' to USER_LOGIN.
Corrected mapping for the fields DOWNLOAD_FORMAT and ConnectedAppId.
Added mappings for certain fields when log is of type LoginEventStream, WaveDownload, ApiEventStream.