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Change log for ONELOGIN_SSO

Date Changes
2022-05-18 Enhancement - map following raw logs elements to UDM elements:
- actor_user_id to event.idm.read_only_udm.principal.user.product_object_id
- user_id to
2022-03-23 Enhancement-map following raw logs elements to UDM elements
- user_agent to
- uuid to event.idm.read_only_udm.metadata.product_log_id.
- group_id to
- group_name to
- policy_type to security_result.rule_type.
- policy_id to security_result.rule_id.
- policy_name to security_result.rule_name.
- authentication_factor_type to event.idm.read_only_udm.extensions.auth.auth_details.
- risk_reasons to security_result.description.
- risk_score to security_result.severity_details.
Logic enhancements for the following app_id, app_name, directory_id, directory_name, privilege_id, privilege_name, role_name, role_id.