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Change log for LINUX_SYSMON

Date Changes
2022-07-12 Enhancement :
- Added null check to EventID field prior mapping.
- Mapped insertId to metadata.product_log_id.
- Mapped logName to target_process_file.
- Mapped resource.type to target.resource.type.
- Mapped resource.labels.project_id to target.resource.product_object_id.
- Mapped resource.labels.instance_id to
- Mapped refer_url to network.http.referral_url.
2022-05-10 Initial creation of the LINUX_SYSMON Chronicle parser, based upon WINDOWS_SYSMON
- Supports events IDs 1, 3, 5, 9, 11, 16, 23.
- Uses the Chronicle Forwarder Regex Filter capabilities with an allow filter of 'sysmon' to exclude syslog logs.