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Change log for INFOBLOX

Date Changes
2022-08-05 - Modified "event_type" from "GENERIC_EVENT" to "STATUS_UPDATE" to reduce generic percentage.
- Mapped "event.idm.read_only_udm.principal.ip" as "event.idm.read_only_udm.intermediary.ip" where "event.idm.read_only_udm.principal.ip" is null in order to facilitate mapping of "event_type" to "STATUS_UPDATE".
2022-07-10 Enhancement - Modified grok pattern to parse the logs.
Handled the dropped logs and mapped them to valid event_types.
- Dropped logs had following eventType, which are now handled:
"forward map", "Reverse", "Forward", "Removed", "Processed", "Dynamic", "Lease", "Unable", "reverse map", "bind", "map update", "parse_option_buffer", "Added","DDNS", "ICMP","update-security" ,"update","notify","general","LPF", "Sending".
- Also, following "process" were dropped earlier are now handled:
"netauto_discovery", "ntpd".
- Other condition checks like "msg1" containing "DNS update latency|pool|syslog|declaration|write|Consortium|reserved|duplicate|leases|visit|disconnected" are handled.
- Added new code block to handle "forward map", "Forward map", "Reverse map" and "reverse map" and made them parse.
- Added new code block to handle "bind", "netauto_discovery" and made them parse.
- Changed event type from "GENERIC_EVENT" to "STATUS_UPDATE" wherever possible.
2022-05-08 Bug - Changing the parser logic to map hostname.