Change log for CORELIGHT

Date Changes
2024-02-26 Added support for mapping of '_write_ts' and 'extracted' fields.
2024-02-14 Update the mapping for "network.dns.response" UDM field.
2023-12-13 Added support for updated suricata, corelight_metrics_*, intel
log type and validation for "entity_type".
2023-11-29 Aligned 'principal/target.hostname' and 'principal/target.asset.hostname' mapping.
2023-10-04 Added mapping for "network.tls.certificate.md5", "network.tls.certificate.sha1", and "network.tls.certificate.sha256".
2023-06-13 Enhanced existing parser.
2023-06-09 Mapped 'assigned_addr' to 'network.dhcp.ciaddr'.
2022-04-23 Added normalization for Suricata Eve alerts.