Change log for AWS_SECURITY_HUB

Date Changes
2023-06-20 Enhancement - Modified "metadata.event_type" from "GENERIC_EVENT" to "USER_RESOURCE_ACCESS".
2023-03-24 Enhancement - when "detail.findings.0.Resources.0.Type" == "AwsEcsTaskDefinition" -
- Mapped "target.resource.resource_type" to "TASK".
- Mapped "event_type" to "USER_RESOURCE_ACCESS".
- Mapped "detail.findings.0.ProductFields.Resources:0/Id" to "principal.asset_id".
- Parsed all other failing logs as GENERIC_EVENT as STATUS_UPDATE was not a good parsing option for them.
2022-08-22 Enhancement -
- Updated vendor_name from "AWS SECURITY HUB" to "AMAZON".
- Updated product_name from "AWS SECURITY HUB" to "AWS Security Hub".
- Parsed The new JSON format logs containing "configurationItem" or "configurationItems".
- Handled the logs which were ingested as an import file by separating them out using for loop and parse each as individual events.
2022-07-01 Newly Created Parser.