CI 파이프라인의 회사 정책에 따라 앱 검증에 사용

코드 샘플


- id: 'Prepare config'
  # This step builds the final manifests for the app
  # using kustomize and the configuration files
  # available in the repository.
  name: ''
  entrypoint: '/bin/sh'
  args: ['-c', 'mkdir hydrated-manifests && kubectl kustomize config/prod > hydrated-manifests/prod.yaml']
- id: 'Download policies'
  # This step fetches the policies from the Anthos Config Management repository
  # and consolidates every resource in a single file.
  name: ''
  entrypoint: '/bin/sh'
  args: ['-c', 'kpt pkg get constraints
                  && kpt fn source constraints/ hydrated-manifests/ > hydrated-manifests/kpt-manifests.yaml']
- id: 'Validate against policies'
  # This step validates that all resources comply with all policies.
  name: ''
  args: ['--input', 'hydrated-manifests/kpt-manifests.yaml']

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