Inside Google Cloud

Accelerating industry transformation with the power of AI

AI is increasingly the new frontier in digital transformation and is well positioned to drive value and impact across all aspects of an organization when incorporated into workflows. We believe that enterprises that invest in building custom AI, as well as industry specific solutions, are better positioned to be global economic leaders of tomorrow.

Our mission at Google Cloud is to provide organizations with the best infrastructure, platform, industry solutions and expertise to enable them to use new digital technologies and information to transform their businesses. Large scale data management, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are key components of our platform. Our work at Google Cloud in AI is focused in four primary areas: 

  • Our world class AI infrastructure, to train and execute machine learning models cost effectively and with the best performance and scalability.

  • Our AI building blocks, where we continue to invest in further enhancing our foundational capabilities to understand images, voice, text, language, and video in fundamental ways. 

  • Our AI Platform, where we make it easy for developers and data scientists to label and prepare data, create models with AutoML, tune them and then manage their lifecycle. 

  • Finally, building on our AI infrastructure, building blocks and platform, we are making significant investments to deliver industry solutions to solve unique business problems in specific industries using our AI technology.  

Google announced a landmark partnership with Mayo Clinic to positively transform patient and clinician experiences, to identify new ways of diagnosing diseases, conduct unparalleled clinical research, and find new modes of delivering patient care. The foundation for Mayo’s digital transformation is centered on the use of our cloud and our artificial intelligence capabilities for healthcare. Through these powerful technologies, we’ll enable Mayo Clinic to lay out a roadmap of cloud and AI-enabled solutions and will help them develop a bold, new digital strategy to advance the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Our work with Mayo Clinic is one example of us helping organizations use the power of cloud computing and AI to accelerate their business transformation. In AI specifically, we are focused on transforming six industries—healthcare, retail, financial services, media & entertainment, manufacturing, and the public sector—by building highly customized solutions and applying AI for their unique business needs. 

Google Cloud is already partnering with retailers across the globe including Bed Bath and Beyond, Carrefour, Kohl's, Loblaw, Macy’s, METRO, Ocado, Shopify, Target, The Home Depot, Ulta Beauty, and many more. These companies are leveraging Google Cloud technologies in areas like eCommerce hosting, data analytics, and machine learning in order to better serve their customers. We’ve built a suite of solutions that leverage Google Cloud’s AI and machine learning innovations to help retailers improve personalization and conversion. AI-powered demand forecasting enables retailers to predict which products need to be where, streamlining their supply chain and optimizing shelf space. Product Recommendations, powered by Google Cloud’s Recommendations AI, helps retailers automatically deliver hyper-personal recommendations, at scale. And Vision Product Search, which uses Cloud Vision AI technology, helps retailers create engaging new mobile experiences by integrating Google Lens-type capabilities. 

Financial Services
Few industries grapple with the volume of information the financial services industry manages on a daily basis. Whether analyzing market shifts, protecting against fraud, money laundering and other financial crimes, or delivering personalized insurance plans, understanding data and quickly finding the right insights are critical to their success. We’ve spent a lot of time working with our financial services customers—Citi, Two Sigma, KeyBank and others--to help them stay competitive and compliant in rapidly changing global markets. Many financial institutions are seeing how machine learning tools can help them add intelligence to customer experiences—from improved chatbots and intelligent case routing—without needing to build and train their own models, to document understanding for invoice and contract processing.

Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment companies have turned to Google Cloud AI solutions to deliver the content and immersive, personalized experiences consumers demand. AI is being deployed to do everything from help render graphics for movies, engage players in games, provide consumers with personalized content recommendations, and even streamline the production process. In addition, we are seeing strong demand for Contact Center AI, which streamlines the customer service experience for consumers with support-related questions, as well as empowers contact center agents with the right information to help them be more effective in their jobs. After digitizing their archives of photos, videos, articles, and information, The New York Times is leveraging Google Cloud AI to produce more powerful, immersive and interactive photo features. 20th Century Fox leveraged Google Cloud AI and ML to develop scripts and predict box office performance, in order to power long-term growth. And Bloomberg overcomes language barriers worldwide with our Translation API.

Whether companies are building cars, computer chips or making great food and drink, manufacturers are turning to Google Cloud to help optimize the supply chain, manage factory operations and even visually inspect products. Customers use our Cloud AI offerings in manufacturing to improve the quality and speed with which they manufacture products and to protect the health and safety of people who work on the manufacturing shop floor. A great example is AB InBev, who is using AI to optimize the beer filtration process with much greater accuracy—reducing costs, increasing efficiencies, and perhaps most importantly for beer aficionados, ensuring taste. Kewpie, the Japanese foodmaker, is using machine learning to ensure the quality and safety of the ingredients that go into their food products. And an example of visual product inspection is LG CNS. They are using AutoML Vision Edge to create manufacturing intelligence solutions that detect defects in everything from LCD screens to optical films to automotive fabrics on the assembly line.

Public Sector
From federal government agencies like the National Institute of Health to states like Arizona, and local municipalities like New York City, public sector institutions are turning to Google Cloud for everything from collaboration tools to contact centers. The City of Memphis is a great example of how AI is being used in the public sector. To identify and fix potholes faster and detect patterns of urban blight, the City of Memphis collaborated with Google to apply AI and ML to some of its toughest public works and urban planning problems.

These are just a few examples of the kinds of problems AI can help solve in the six industries we are focused on transforming with Google Cloud. We believe our solutions-driven approach will make it faster and easier for organizations to adopt AI-powered tools, as well as help them better appreciate the changes they need to make in their organizations to adopt them. By collaborating with leading organizations, we at Google also learn about specific needs and improve the quality of our technology and solutions. We are grateful to all our customers and partners who help us stretch the boundaries of our products and deliver new advances to important business needs.