How Google and Mayo Clinic will transform the future of healthcare


Every year, more than 1 million patients from 140 countries visit Mayo Clinic. Ranked the number one hospital in the nation by U.S. News and World Report, the renowned hospital and research center exists to solve the world’s most challenging medical problems, one patient at a time. 

As the global expert in solving rare and complex disease, Mayo Clinic has a long history of excellence in healthcare and medical innovation. This rich legacy has long been supported by Mayo Clinic’s focus on innovation, research, and cutting-edge science. As healthcare increasingly embraces digital technology, the collection, management and analysis of complex healthcare data has become a critical factor in providing advanced care to patients worldwide. 

With these factors in mind, Mayo Clinic has chosen to partner with Google to positively transform patient and clinician experiences, improve diagnostics and patient outcomes, as well as enable it to conduct unparalleled clinical research.

This strategic partnership will combine Google’s cloud and AI capabilities and Mayo’s world-leading clinical expertise to improve the health of people—and entire communities—through the transformative impact of understanding insights at scale. Ultimately, we will work together to solve humanity’s most serious and complex medical challenges. 

Google Cloud will be at the cornerstone of Mayo Clinic’s digital transformation. We’ll enable Mayo Clinic to lay out a roadmap of cloud and AI-enabled solutions and will help Mayo Clinic develop a bold, new digital strategy to advance the diagnosis and treatment of disease. 

“When selecting a technology partner, Mayo Clinic was looking for an organization with the engineering talent, focus and cloud technology to collaborate with us on a shared vision to deliver digital healthcare innovation at a global scale,” said Christopher Ross, Chief Information Officer, Mayo Clinic. “With Google Cloud’s secure and compliant digital platform, we will be able to leverage innovative cloud technology, industry leading AI and healthcare specific solutions, so we can focus on revolutionizing healthcare delivery and taking care of our patients.”

In addition to building its data platform on Google Cloud, Mayo’s world-class physician leadership is partnering with Google to create machine-learning models for serious and complex diseases. Eventually, Mayo Clinic hopes to share these models and other joint solutions with caregivers across the globe to improve healthcare delivery. Mayo also looks forward to exploring additional points of collaboration with Google Health in the future.

As part of our partnership, Google will be opening a new office near Mayo Clinic’s headquarters in Rochester, Minn. Working alongside Mayo Clinic’s world-leading medical experts and researchers, we look forward to bringing Google Cloud’s data analytics and AI engineering capabilities to the forefront of patient care.

We are excited that Google Cloud will be core to Mayo Clinic’s digital transformation, and we look forward to combining our world-class cloud technology and engineers with Mayo Clinic’s industry-leading clinicians, researchers and innovators. Working together, we can transform healthcare and improve lives.