Get started with the Cloud Billing Budget API

Google Cloud customers can plan, monitor, and control costs using budgets and budget alerts. Monitoring and controlling costs effectively is important, especially as you scale your business in the cloud. When you're using Google Cloud, our budgets and alerts features are a powerful part of your cost monitoring toolkit, letting you set your target spending and notify key stakeholders if you're getting off track.

A budget enables you to track your actual Google Cloud spend against your planned spend. After you've set a budget amount, you set budget alert threshold rules that are used to trigger email notifications. Budget alert emails help you stay informed about how your spend is tracking against your budget. You can also use budgets to automate cost control responses using Pub/Sub topics for programmatic notifications (for example, to forward your budget messages to other mediums such as Slack, or to automate cost management tasks).

You can configure a budget to monitor all of the costs for an entire Cloud Billing account, or use filters such as Google Cloud projects or services to focus the budget on a slice of your spend.

In the Google Cloud console, you can manage one Google Cloud budget at a time. Using the Cloud Billing Budget API, you can view, create, and manage budgets programmatically at scale, up to 50,000 budgets for each Cloud Billing account. Learn how to check your budget quota.

Examples for using the Cloud Billing Budget API include the following:

  • Create a separate budget for each of your Google Cloud projects so you know which areas of your Google Cloud environment are spending more than expected.
  • Bulk update all of your budgets after quarterly financial planning.
  • Integrate with your company's deployment manager to add the creation of budgets to your cloud provisioning workflow.


Read through the prerequisites before you start coding your first Cloud Billing budget application.


Complete these setup steps to get ready to start using the Cloud Billing Budget API.

Using the API

Follow the instructions in the user guide to get up and running with the Cloud Billing Budget API.


For a full list of methods, see the reference documentation.