Get support

Get a Google support package

Google Cloud offers different support packages to meet different needs, such as 24/7 coverage, phone support, and access to a technical support manager. For more information, see Google Cloud Support.

Respond to the support team

If there is an issue with your Bare Metal Solution environment that requires attention, Google Cloud Support needs to contact you right away. The following information explains how to set up your Google Cloud project to receive notifications from Google Cloud Support, the importance of keeping your contact information up to date, and the need for you to respond promptly when we do contact you.

Set up contact information in your Cloud project

When you set up your Cloud project during the provisioning process, there are two key items you need to configure:

  • Project Owner(s)
  • Essential contacts - Technical

The Google Cloud Support team uses the Essential contacts - Technical entry as the primary way to contact you, with the Project Owner(s) as a backup contact. To set up the Essential contacts - Technical entry in your Cloud project, see Managing contacts for notifications.

You are responsible for managing and updating these contacts. Because of the critical nature of this type of communication, you must review your contacts on a regular basis and keep the contact information up to date.

When Google Cloud Support contacts you

Google Cloud Support contacts you proactively if there is a maintenance or operational event that might impact your Bare Metal Solution environment, such as:

  • When we need to confirm a maintenance window, and discuss the associated downtime or actions that you need to take.
  • If we find an issue with your Bare Metal Solution infrastructure that needs attention, such as an outage or hardware failure.
  • If there is an unresponsive server and we need your help to troubleshoot the issue.
  • If we need to restore an application or database to full operation.

We also might send you maintenance notices to correct potentially impactful hardware errors in a timely manner. If you delay in responding to us, this inaction might expose you to additional risk of hardware failure.

For these many reasons, respond to Google Cloud Support with urgency when we contact you. The messages we send you alert you to either a current, production-impacting event or a planned maintenance event. When we contact you, be sure to call us back or reply to the email.

Contact support

If you already have a support package, you can contact Google Cloud Support.

For Bare Metal Solution, file a support case for a problem or a change request. Correctly classifying your case as either a problem or a change request can help get your case resolved more quickly.

To get help with changing your environment, specify Change Request when you open a case. You can open change requests for things like rebooting or reimaging a server, changing the network configuration, or requesting hardware changes in your environment.

To get help with a problem, specify the subcomponent that is most relevant to your issue when you open a case.

Field Specification
Group Compute
Component Bare Metal Solution
Subcomponent To make changes to your existing Bare Metal Solution environment, select Change Request
For any other issues, select a category as appropriate.

Scope of support for Bare Metal Solution

Google Cloud Support covers the following areas in Bare Metal Solution environments:

  • The bare-metal servers and attached storage
  • The network and interconnect
  • Physical and network security
  • The facilities

Service level agreements define initial response times for Google Cloud support according to the Google Cloud technical support services guidelines.

Google Cloud does not provide support for the operating system or your application software and databases that run in a Bare Metal Solution environment.