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Feature deprecations

The Google Cloud Platform Terms of Service (section 1.4(d), "Discontinuation of Services") defines the deprecation policy that applies to App Engine. The deprecation policy only applies to the services, features, or products listed therein.

After a service, feature, or product is officially deprecated, it continues to be available for at least the period of time defined in the Terms of Service. After this period of time, the service is scheduled for shutdown.

The following table lists current App Engine feature deprecations and their related shutdown schedules.

Feature Deprecated Shutdown date Details
Spending limits July 24, 2020 March 31, 2023 On or after March 31, 2023, existing spending limits will be removed. For information about other mechanisms to manage costs, see managing costs.

See when previous features were deprecated and shut down.

For information on the lifecycle of each runtime, see the Runtime support schedule.