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Package (v1.6.7)

Package runtime exposes information about the resource usage of the application. It also provides a way to run code in a new background context of a module.

This package does not work on App Engine "flexible environment".


func RunInBackground

func RunInBackground(c context.Context, f func(c context.Context)) error

RunInBackground runs f in a background goroutine in this process. f is provided a context that may outlast the context provided to RunInBackground. This is only valid to invoke from a service set to basic or manual scaling.


type Statistics struct {
	// CPU records the CPU consumed by this instance, in megacycles.
	CPU struct {
		Total   float64
		Rate1M  float64 // consumption rate over one minute
		Rate10M float64 // consumption rate over ten minutes
	// RAM records the memory used by the instance, in megabytes.
	RAM struct {
		Current    float64
		Average1M  float64 // average usage over one minute
		Average10M float64 // average usage over ten minutes

Statistics represents the system's statistics.

func Stats

func Stats(c context.Context) (*Statistics, error)