Package (v1.6.8)

Package channel implements the server side of App Engine's Channel API.

Create creates a new channel associated with the given clientID, which must be unique to the client that will use the returned token.

token, err := channel.Create(c, "player1")
if err != nil {
    // handle error
// return token to the client in an HTTP response

Send sends a message to the client over the channel identified by clientID.

channel.Send(c, "player1", "Game over!")

Deprecated: The Channel API feature has been deprecated and is going to be removed. See the Channel API Turndown document for details and timetable.


func Create (deprecated)

func Create(c context.Context, clientID string) (token string, err error)

Create creates a channel and returns a token for use by the client. The clientID is an application-provided string used to identify the client.

func Send (deprecated)

func Send(c context.Context, clientID, message string) error

Send sends a message on the channel associated with clientID.

func SendJSON (deprecated)

func SendJSON(c context.Context, clientID string, value interface{}) error

SendJSON is a helper function that sends a JSON-encoded value on the channel associated with clientID.