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Receiving Bounce Notification

In order to receive email bounce notifications, you need to configure your app to enable email notification and you need to create a handler to handle those notifications.

Configuring Your App to Receive Bounce Notifications

There are two parts to the configuration. First, you need to enable notification. Second, you need to set the mapping between /_ah/bounce and your bounce handler, so App Engine knows where to POST the notification data. To configure your app to receive bounced email notifications:

  1. Add the following to your app.yaml file to enable notification:
    - mail_bounce
  2. Also in app.yaml, declare a mapping between /_ah/bounce and the bounce notification handler in your code, for example:
    - url: /_ah/bounce
      script: _go_app
      login: admin

Handling Bounce Notifications

In your app, you'll need to supply bounce handler code to receive and process the notifications.

The bounce notification will be sent to your app as a POST request to /_ah/bounce. Information about the bounce will be form-encoded in the body of the request.