appengine-web.xml Reference

In addition to the web.xml deployment descriptor, an App Engine Java application uses a configuration file, named appengine-web.xml, to specify the app's registered application ID and the version identifier of the latest code, and to identify which files in the app's WAR are static files (like images) and which are resource files used by the application. The appcfg command uses this information when you upload the app.


The following example is a minimal file that specifies the application ID, a version identifier, and no static files or resource files:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<appengine-web-app xmlns="">


An App Engine Java app must have a file named appengine-web.xml in its WAR, in the directory WEB-INF/. This is an XML file whose root element is <appengine-web-app>.

You can find the DTD and schema specifications for this file in the SDK's docs/ directory.

Element Description

Not required if you deploy your app using the gcloud app deploy command. gcloud and gcloud tooling (Intellij, Gradle, and the new maven plug-ins) ignore this element and get the project ID from the gcloud config project property. The <application> element contains the application's project ID. This is the project ID you register whe