Migrating Traffic

Traffic migration switches the request routing between the versions within a service of your application, moving traffic from one or more versions to a single new version.

Traffic is migrated immediately between your versions in the flexible environment. Unlike versions in the standard environment, gradual traffic migration is not supported in the flexible environment.

For information about splitting traffic between two or more versions of your app, see Traffic Splitting.

Before you begin

Before you can configure traffic to a version, ensure that your user account includes the required privileges.

Migrating traffic to a new version


To migrate traffic in the GCP Console, go to the Versions page:

Go to the Versions page

  1. Select the version to which you want to migrate 100% of the traffic.
  2. Click Migrate traffic.


After installing the Google Cloud SDK, you run the gcloud app services set-traffic command to migrate 100% of traffic to a single version. For example:

  • To migrate traffic immediately:
    gcloud app services set-traffic [MY_SERVICE] --splits [MY_VERSION]=1


To programmatically migrate traffic, you can use the Admin API, see Migrating and Splitting Traffic for details.

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