Alternatives to XMPP API

This page provide alternatives to the XMPP API for some common developer use cases.

Sending real time events to clients

The XMPP API can be used by developers to provide real-time communication between an App Engine app and a client without using a long-lived connection.

The Firebase Realtime Database is a good solution for this use case. It provides real time data synchronization between server and multiple client types via well-developed SDKs, and supports Android, IOS, and web browser apps with native SDK implementations. See Using Firebase for realtime events on App Engine for more information and examples.

Automated chat participant

App Engine applications can use the XMPP API to send messages using the xmpp.sendMessage() method and receive messages via HTTP.

After the XMPP API is turned off, you can obtain similar functionality by using any of a variety of 3rd party XMPP libraries in a language of your choice in an XMPP server running on a Compute Engine instance. For details on how to do this, take a look at the sample chat server Wikibot at GitHub.

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