XMPP API Turndown

The XMPP API enables an App Engine application to send and receive chat messages from any XMPP-compatible chat messaging service. An app can send and receive chat messages, send chat invites, request a user's chat presence and status, and provide a chat status. Incoming XMPP messages are handled by request handlers, similar to web requests. You can find more information in the language specific docs (Java | Python | Go).

The XMPP API has seen a low adoption rate among developers, and Google and other companies have reduced support for applications built using the XMPP protocol. Accordingly, support for the XMPP API will be turned off on October 31, 2017.

Alternative products

If you use the XMPP API for realtime data synchronization, we recommend using the Firebase Realtime Database, which is explicitly designed for this purpose.

For other usages of the XMPP API, you can replace XMPP API functionality with other Google Cloud Platform products. For example, developers using the API for direct messaging with XMPP clients can build a similar service using virtual machines on Google Compute Engine. For more information, see Alternatives to the XMPP API

Migrating from the XMPP API

See Using Firebase for realtime events on App Engine for information on replacing Channel API functionality with the Firebase Realtime Database.

See Alternatives to the XMPP API for information on how to replace XMPP with other Cloud Platform technologies.

Where to get help

If you run into any trouble migrating your application, and you have a support package, you can get help through your normal support channel. If you don't have a support package, you can get help through the support contact form.

Shutdown timetable

With any deprecation there is a follow-up decommission where the API or service is formally removed.

The following table lists the XMPP API service shutdown (turndown) schedule:

Decommission Date Decommission Event
October 31, 2017 The XMPP API will be permanently disabled.

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