Python 2.5 Support Turndown

App Engine launched in 2008 with the Python 2.5 environment. Over the years we have launched other environments such as PHP, Go, and Java. We also launched a newer Python environment, Python 2.7, which provides many important new features, such as multithreading, concurrent requests, and updated versions of core libraries. Accordingly, we announced the deprecation of Python 2.5 on March 8, 2013.

The time has come to shut down the Python 2.5 environment. Beginning on February 1, 2017 no new deployments to Python 2.5 will be allowed. Support for Python 2.5 will turned off on a weekly basis beginning on May 15, 2017. Customers will have the chance to whitelist their app after each weekly turndown. Python 2.5 support will be turned down permanently for all apps on June 19, 2017.

After the shutdown, the application version will no longer serve traffic. Users attempting to access the apps will receive an HTTP 404 error.

If you want these application versions to continue operating, you'll need to migrate these to Python 2.7. If you have lost the original source code to the application, you can use to download source code.

If you no longer need the Python 2.5 versions of your application, no action is required. If you no longer need data stored by these application versions, you can delete it yourself.

How to tell whether an app uses Python 2.5

Your app uses Python 2.5 if your app.yaml file does not contain a line beginning with runtime: or if it contains the line runtime: python.

Alternatively, using the Cloud Console, select your project, select App Engine, then select Versions. The runtime used by the project is displayed in a column on the right; if it displays python, then your app is using Python 2.5.

Migrating from Python 2.5 to Python 2.7

Refer to the App Engine migration docs for instructions on migrating App Engine Python 2.5 apps to Python 2.7.

Where to get help

If you run into any trouble migrating your application, and you have a support package, you can get help through your normal support channel. If you don't have a support package, you can get help through the support contact form.

Shutdown timetable

With any deprecation there is a follow-up decommission where the API or service is formally removed. The following table lists the service shutdown (turndown) schedule:

Decommission Date Decommission Event
February 1, 2017 Starting on this date, no new deployments to Python 2.5 are allowed.
May 15, 2017 Beginning of weekly turndowns. Customers can whitelist their apps if they need more time.
June 19, 2017 Python 2.5 support is permanently removed.

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