Update your AKS attached cluster

Updating a cluster means updating the attributes or version associated with Anthos attached clusters. This does not change the Kubernetes version that the cluster is running or update cluster attributes not related to Anthos attached clusters. You can update the cluster with the Google Cloud CLI or the Google Cloud console.

gcloud CLI

To update an attached cluster, run the following command:

gcloud container attached clusters update CLUSTER_NAME \
  --location GOOGLE_CLOUD_REGION \


  • CLUSTER_NAME: the name of your cluster
  • GOOGLE_CLOUD_REGION: the name of the Google Cloud region to administer your cluster from
  • PARAMETER_NAME and VALUE: the parameter to update and the value to set it to as listed in the following table
Parameter-name Value Example
description Text description of the cluster. "Pre-production test cluster"
clear-description No value. Removes the current description from the cluster. In this case do not include the "=" sign. -
platform-version Attached cluster version. Updates attached cluster components only; does not update the cluster version. "1.23.0-gke.1"
annotations Comma-separated list of cluster annotations. "key1=value1,key2=value2"
admin-users Comma-separated list of users to be granted administrative privileges on the cluster. This also lets users log on to the console using their Google identity. "user1@corp.com,user2@corp.com"

Updating the platform version does not upgrade your cluster from a previous-generation cluster to the current generation. This command operates only on current-generation clusters and, when used with the parameter platform-version, updates the version of the Anthos attached clusters software installed on your cluster.

For more information, see gcloud container attached clusters update.


  1. In the console, go to the Anthos Clusters page.

    Go to Anthos Clusters

  2. Select the Google Cloud project that the cluster is in.

  3. In the Anthos managed clusters section, click on the name of the cluster you want to update, and then select View more details in the side panel.

  4. On the Details tab, you can update basic information about the cluster or upgrade the Anthos attached clusters version.

    • To update cluster basics:

      1. Select Edit next to a field that you want to change.

      2. When you are finished making changes, select Done.

    • To upgrade the Anthos attached clusters version:

      1. Select Upgrade available next to Platform version.

      2. Select the version from the list, and click Done.

    Upgrading the platform version doesn't change the Kubernetes version on the cluster.

Platform version numbering

These documents refer to the Anthos attached clusters version as the platform version, to distinguish it from the Kubernetes version. Anthos attached clusters uses the same version numbering convention as GKE - for example, 1.21.5-gke.1. When attaching or updating your cluster, you must choose a platform version whose minor version is the same as or one level below the Kubernetes version of your cluster. For example, you can attach a cluster running Kubernetes v1.22.* with Anthos attached clusters platform version 1.21.* or 1.22.*.

This lets you upgrade your cluster to the next minor version before upgrading Anthos attached clusters.