Finding a Google API Library

All Google APIs are available to .NET developers through the NuGet package manager.

To add them to your project within Visual Studio:

  1. Right-click on project references.

  2. Click Manage NuGet Packages.

  3. Choose the Browse tab.

  4. Before searching make sure Include prerelease is checked to show all Google Cloud Platform libraries.

    Note: Some of the libraries listed are Beta.

  5. Enter a search string, for example google pubsub.

NuGet manager

Searching returns two different types of results:

  • Results with a Google.Apis prefix are NuGet libraries that are available for all Google APIs. Here is the complete list.
  • Results with a Google.Cloud prefix are NuGet libraries that are hand-crafted for ease of use and familiarity for .NET developers:
    • Here is the complete list of these Beta libraries. We recommend using these libraries if you are comfortable with their pre-release status.
    • These libraries are being actively developed as open source, so we invite you to contribute if we’ve missed your favorite features.
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