Finding a Google API Library

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All Google APIs are available to .NET developers through the NuGet package manager.

To add Google APIs to your project in Visual Studio:

  1. Right-click Project references.

  2. Click Manage NuGet Packages.

  3. Choose the Browse tab.

  4. Before searching, make sure that Include prerelease is checked to show all Google Cloud libraries.

    Note: Some of the libraries listed are Beta.

  5. Enter a search string, for example google pubsub.

    NuGet manager

Searching returns two different types of results:

  • Results with a Google Cloud prefix are the Cloud Client Libraries and the recommended way to access Google Cloud APIs programmatically. For more information and a list of APIs, see .NET Cloud Client Libraries.
  • Results with a Google.Apis prefix are Google API Client Libraries that are available for all Google APIs. You might want to use these libraries if a Cloud Client Library isn't available for the API you're using. For a complete list of Google API Client Libraries, see .NET.