en-US Recording Script

  1. Do you want to call the hotel or see if there are any other options?
  2. Streaming 88.5 KQED from YouTube on living room device.
    • (Streaming eighty eight point five K Q E D from YouTube on living room device.)
  3. Open an app like the Google Play Store and use your voice to come back.
  4. There's only 1 Hilton Hotels & Resorts resort around here that is available Thursday night.
    • (There's only one Hilton Hotels and Resorts resort around here that is available Thursday night.)
  5. Try taking a couple pictures of a stationary object in a well-lit area.
  6. Check out the help center link in the email I sent you for more information.
  7. We'll start with some easy ones, so we can get to know each other.
  8. You're listening to Bad Romance by Charlie Puth, playing from an unknown input source.
  9. That'll be one dollar and twenty three cents every three months, not including taxes.
  10. Here's where you left off in This American Life, How The Space Station Works.
  11. You just wanted to hear what I'd say if you got zero questions right.
  12. No problem, KALW-Bay Area from the NPR network.
    • (No problem, K A L W-Bay Area from the N P R network.)
  13. I tried my best to trip you up, but you saw right through me.
  14. Sure, which of your Assistant Routines would you like to add market update to?
  15. Go ahead and plug your phone into a charger, and I'll check its status.
  16. Clean the entire glass panel on the back of your device using a screen cloth.
  17. Sorry, your video account is being used by too many people right now.
  18. The rest of you can find something fun to do while they work on that.
  19. Agoda doesn't accept that credit card, so I wasn't able to make the booking.
  20. Okay, here's a ten-minute free sample of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
  21. Can I send you to the Akinator for Android mobile app to save your score?
  22. Once upon a time, two contestants named Ace and Hummingbird played a game.
  23. Tap the Location button, cross-hair icon, at the bottom of the map.
  24. The shipping address is 456 Elm St, Redwood City, CA.
    • (The shipping address is four fifty six Elm Street, ,Redwood City California.)
  25. To watch that channel, you'll need to sign up for a subscription with DirecTV.
  26. If a consent form pops up, please review and approve it if you agree.
  27. There isn't much else I can do without turning on GPS.
    • (There isn't much else I can do without turning on G P S.)
  28. Your Costco order should arrive today and your Whole Foods order should arrive tomorrow.
  29. Prices have recently gone down by twenty francs to two hundred twenty francs a night .
  30. You can always speak to someone from Google Support by asking me to contact Google.
  31. Number 2, Cats are so funny you will die laughing, Funny cat compilation.
    • (Number two, Cats are so funny you will die laughing, Funny cat compilation.)
  32. I can't offer you specific songs, but here are some stations with similar music.
  33. I was going to give the winner a new self-driving car.
  34. It looks like some of your apps might be using a lot of battery.
  35. They say that achievements are only worthwhile when you can share them with others.
  36. Just let me know if you want to keep playing or if you're ready to stop.
  37. And they both got all the answers right and lived happily-ever-after.
  38. Would you be willing to answer a quick question about how I'm doing?
  39. Since you've already finished the book, I'll play it again from the beginning.
  40. You can order essentials like paper towels, laundry detergent, and trash bags.
  41. Make sure there are no scratches over the camera lens or sensors.
  42. I can only play videos on devices using Chromecast, or on cast-enabled TVs.
  43. If you'd like to pay another way, follow the notification on your phone.
  44. The second and third photos were taken on May seventh, twenty seventeen.
  45. I'm sorry, I am temporarily unable to access your shopping list right now.
  46. The first one, for ten dollars off, provides better savings on this order.
  47. You seem to have a solid grasp of the English language.
  48. Alright, let's make sure you can hear calls coming through to your paired device.
  49. I couldn't find matching results for Moana, but here's what I found on YouTube.
  50. Flop around like a walrus, and don't forget to show your tusks.
  51. Watch your favorite shows and movies by linking your video accounts to the Assistant.
  52. It's kind of fickle, so it might run off with somebody else.
  53. Or just sit there with a humble smile and reflect on your accomplishment.
  54. And Number 4, Game of Thrones Soundtrack, Relaxing Beautiful Calm Music Mix.
    • (And Number four, Game of Thrones Soundtrack, Relaxing Beautiful Calm Music Mix.)
  55. I see that your phone is set to go to sleep after several minutes.
  56. To learn a few things you can do, continue in the Google Home app.
  57. Are you related to the most famous trivia player of all time?
  58. Slide your feet along the ground like you're walking on the moon.
  59. By the way, San Francisco Giants is already on your recording schedule.
  60. I hope you like the name Ace, because that's what I'm calling you.
  61. Get rid of one chair, and get pumped for the next round.
  62. Food Network doesn't have any accounts under the email address you shared with them.
  63. Since I'm still not getting it, you might want to try using Google search.
  64. Sorry, I can't play music on Smart Displays when content filters are turned on.
  65. Well, you can play that on places like Living Room TV and Kitchen speakers.
    • (Well, you can play that on places like Living Room T V and Kitchen speakers.)
  66. I hate to dredge up the past, but the topic is history.
  67. Is it okay if I send push notifications for Daily drinks updates?
  68. There are a couple more troubleshooting steps you can try with a Google Support agent.
  69. I have a feeling we'll be talking about this for generations to come.
  70. Sounds like a party, but I only have room for ninety nine contestants.
  71. Also, you'll see some taxes and fees added to the nightly rate.
  72. It looks like your VISA ending in 1234 has expired.
    • (It looks like your VISA ending in twelve thirty four has expired.)
  73. Bend your body backwards, and see how low you can go.
  74. It doesn't look like you have that book in your Google Play Books library.
  75. House of Cards is only available on Netflix, which isn't currently installed.
  76. You seem comfortable with numbers, so I'll give you some math to do.
  77. To try it out, ask me to order something you need from Target.
  78. Sure, I'll help you find a hotel like that within three miles of London.
  79. The first is Starbucks at twenty four ten Charleston Road, Mountain View California.
  80. When you charge your battery, does it reach 100% charged?
    • (When you charge your battery, does it reach one hundred percent charged?)
  81. It's really great that you're offering to help, so please try again later.
  82. If for any reason you want to end the game early, say Stop.
  83. You can say Never Mind if you don't want to send feedback anymore.
  84. But that's not going to be enough to win our grand prize.
  85. You know, I always thought Ace would make a good name.
  86. You're guaranteed to get the job done right, or you get your money back .
  87. Switching your location setting to Device Only mode might help pinpoint the problem.
  88. Please change your search settings to On in your YouTube Kids app.
  89. First you'll need to accept the updated terms of service for Google Express.
  90. On top of being your Google Assistant, I'm the host of this silly show.
  91. I've sent a notification to your phone so you can complete the donation there.
  92. To make things easier, I'll have Google send me your payment details.
  93. Ace, your skill and perseverance in this match blew me away.
  94. Ok, you can check out or update your cart whenever you are ready.
    • (O K, you can check out or update your cart whenever you are ready.)
  95. I just need to see the address you have for Bill in your contacts.
  96. Which do you prefer, to receive a call or to chat with someone?
  97. I didn't realize this was some sort of trivia all-star team.
  98. If asked, follow the instructions to teach me to recognize your voice.
  99. Do your pictures always have a lens flare, or only in certain situations?
  100. If luck runs in the family, you're in for a treat.
  101. I need permission to do things on your behalf, like access available promotions.
  102. No problem, try this radio mix from Netflix based on the Bad Romance playlist.
  103. Feel free to get up and do a little victory dance.
  104. To find local juice shops, I'll need to check your work address.
  105. We were all on the edge of our seat for that one.
  106. My circuits are straining under the weight of your shared genius.
  107. The other games are Lucky Trivia or Mad Libs.
  108. Hold your torch in the air and swing it all around.
  109. That would go against the basic idea of Musical Chairs.
  110. That's generous, but I can only send donations up to $10,000.
    • (That's generous, but I can only send donations up to ten thousand dollars.)
  111. Sorry, I can't control HDMI input sources yet.
    • (Sorry, I can't control H D M I input sources yet.)
  112. If you're looking for random trivia questions, then you're in the right place.
  113. You can read through it and ask for Uber again when you're ready.
  114. Hummingbird is your new nickname, as far as I'm concerned.
  115. Nobody answered a single question correctly, so we have a tie.
  116. You can listen at your own pace by saying Pause or Next.
  117. This one's called Cinderella, and it's from Storynory on Google Play Books.
  118. I'll play it here. Playing new science fiction films from YouTube on kitchen device.
  119. Free service available when using a screen. YouTube Music Premium required on other devices.
  120. Great, they found your account, Bob, and they've linked it to Google.
  121. Kick a leg up and clap your hands under it.
  122. The map should zoom in on your location with a blue dot.
  123. The last thing we can try is to clear the camera cache.
  124. I'm sorry, adjusting bass or treble is not supported on this speaker.
  125. Since this content is PIN-protected, it can't be played using Google Home.
  126. Because this is just a game, and there's really no need to take prisoners.
  127. Give me a second to put on my game show host costume.
  128. Now the options on the screen will be read out loud.
  129. The contestants did their best, and that's all that I can ask of you.
  130. To create a new one for you, I'll just need some info.
  131. It looks like calls have been dropping when connected to wifi networks.
  132. Having the actual audio is important to help me improve.
  133. You can ask your Assistant to use any music app on your phone or tablet
  134. Number 2, Kung Fu Panda, Secrets of the Furious Five.
    • (Number two, Kung Fu Panda, Secrets of the Furious Five.)
  135. It'll be boring if less than 1 person plays.
    • (It'll be boring if less than one person plays.)
  136. You didn't miss all the questions, but you didn't get them all right either.
  137. If you can answer this next one, I'll consider you a mathlete.
  138. You seem like an Ace to me, so I'm going to call you Ace.
  139. I only have space for up to five contestants on my imaginary stage.
  140. I couldn't find any Lady Gaga playlists in your Spotify collection.
  141. Try just telling me the ZIP code where you need help.
  142. Like a glittering diamond in a filthy gravel pit.
  143. Now let's see if the GPS is working in Google Maps.
    • (Now let's see if the G P S is working in Google Maps.)
  144. If I were your teacher, I'd count this as extra credit.
  145. This is Lincoln in the Bardo, written by George Saunders.
  146. Are you sure you'd like to stop receiving updates from The Wall Street Journal?
  147. Okay, I'll ask Google to add outfit recommendation to one of your Routines.
  148. I collected all the results and everybody has the same score, four.
  149. Why don't you grab someone else, then come back and try again.
  150. I'll give you a choice between two things, and you pick.
  151. Here's an example, Text Annie that I'm running late.
  152. Try it soon though, I'm only available for a limited time.
  153. No problem, here's the album Yellow Submarine from your YouTube library.
  154. Switching to cellular preferred calling might help fix the issue.
  155. Here are some updates from channels you're subscribed to, showing on kitchen device.
  156. Sorry, the slowest I can play it is at half speed.
  157. A bewildering blend of trivia, fun, and voice recognition technology.
  158. Try to make sure you're in an area with clear view of the sky.
  159. Looks like you haven't saved a payment method to your Google Account.
  160. Are you ready to find out who will be the musical chair champion?
  161. The room that Agoda was offering at this rate is no longer available.
  162. Walk several steps in one direction, then turn around and walk back.
  163. Ok, this screening is in English with English subtitles.
    • (O K, this screening is in English with English subtitles.)
  164. To restart your phone, hold down the power button and tap Restart.
  165. Flap your arms like wings and pretend you're flying.
  166. Try asking again, and tell me which service you'd like to play it from.
  167. There was a payment error and I had to cancel the booking.
  168. Bananas, Apples, Pears are all in the fruits category
  169. Sorry, what dates will you be checking in and out of the hotel?
  170. Hope you brought some quarters. This one is about video games.
  171. Please check your cart using the Google Express app or website to continue.
  172. To watch YouTube TV, just ask to play a specific channel or show.
    • (To watch YouTube T V, just ask to play a specific channel or show.)
  173. Please make sure that that device is turned on and connected to the internet.
  174. I'd love to hear you say something, and that something is Ace.
  175. Before you can use Food Network, you'll need to be signed in with them.
  176. I'll go ahead and assume you are feeling lucky, and start the show.
  177. I looked for an account under your email address, but didn't find any.
  178. In that case, let's go back to your phone's Location Services.
  179. Here are a few situations in which blurry pictures are more common.
  180. Alright, I have 13 podcast episodes that are ready to go.
    • (Alright, I have thirteen podcast episodes that are ready to go.)
  181. The game show for anyone wise beyond their years.
  182. To see your subscriptions, you'll need to enable Personal Results in Google Assistant settings
  183. I don't see any accounts with that email, so I can't sign you in.
  184. This thing seems to be stuck at the maximum score.
  185. That sounded really cool coming out of your mouth.
  186. To help me learn your voice, please log in through the Google Home app.
  187. But check out this station inspired by Dangerously, now playing on kitchen device.
  188. Shake hands with your opponent and play again, if you like.
  189. Come back and talk to me when you've finished making changes.
  190. Number 1, Cats Will Make You Laugh Your Head Off, Funny Cat Compilation.
    • (Number one, Cats Will Make You Laugh Your Head Off, Funny Cat Compilation.)
  191. Sure, I've asked Google to add it to your Leaving Home Routine.
  192. The magic trivia machine just popped out a math question.
  193. Your perfect scores have overloaded the whole system.
  194. You can either upgrade your Netflix account, or stop watching on another device.
  195. Now, here are some things you can try saying or typing to get started.
  196. Sorry, KTCK is not currently available on your car radio.
    • (Sorry, K T C K is not currently available on your car radio.)
  197. A roadrunner can run only 20 miles per hour.
    • (A roadrunner can run only twenty miles per hour.)
  198. Since this is your first time, let me introduce you to the feature.
  199. Touch the right-most icon on the top menu bar.
  200. Also, sorry if you both tried and still got all the questions wrong.
  201. I can use that info to help you with things like signing in.
  202. Tap Pair New Device when the other device is in pairing mode.
  203. Hmm, I don't have a sound for an alligator yet.
  204. You should have everything by Saturday October Twentieth.
  205. I don't think that many chairs exist in the universe.
  206. It's like a gameshow, but you don't win any money or prizes.
  207. Your competitive fire pushed the winners to their victory.
  208. It was a classic match up, but the winner is Hollywood.
  209. Now that I have your names, let's dive into the game.
  210. Here's some really good news, we have more than one winner.
  211. Please choose a duration that's eight hours or less
  212. And now that the game is over, you're still neck-and-neck.
  213. Your total is 123 dollars and 45 cents.
    • (Your total is one hundred twenty three dollars and forty five cents.)
  214. And imagine me smiling as I give it to you.
  215. I'll send you an email confirmation of your order in a few minutes.
  216. You can pick another coupon at the link I just sent to your phone.
  217. Let's try and connect your watch through the Android Wear app.
  218. Tap below and switch calling preference to wifi preferred.
  219. Recording videos, which are generally not as sharp as pictures.
  220. Some people would say that everybody lost, but I'm an optimist.
  221. Ok, when the music starts, things might get a little weird.
    • (O K, when the music starts, things might get a little weird.)
  222. These businesses have a commercial relationship with Google.
  223. Let's pretend you said Hummingbird and then I nicknamed you Hummingbird.
  224. Get down on the ground and try to breakdance badly.
  225. GPS and location services require Location Services to be turned on.
    • (G P S and location services require Location Services to be turned on.)
  226. Go ahead and keep your phone plugged in while I do that.
  227. Move away one more chair and let's do it again.
  228. To continue, Google will need to send DoorDash the following information.
  229. The Google Play and Google Payments terms and conditions will apply.
  230. If you know the answer, you might be a health nut.
  231. It's kinda like other trivia games, but you're playing it right now.
  232. I'm about to drop a hot track on you.
  233. To play that, your account needs to be a premium subscriber.
  234. You were so close on those other ones, too.
  235. That's available from several services, including YouTube, Netflix, and HBO.
    • (That's available from several services, including YouTube, Netflix, and H B O.)
  236. This one will separate the noobs from the non-noobs.
  237. I'm sorry, it looks something failed during building your basket.
  238. If you want to learn about other Assistant features, I'm here to help.
  239. You're on Chapter one, The Mirror of Erised.
  240. I can't play that specific song, so here's a similar mix on Spotify.
  241. This is so much better than telling you about the weather.
  242. Well, that gets a zero on the correctness scale.
  243. While you're here, you get the extra special name Ace.
  244. Maybe I'll hold onto it until the next game.
  245. It's physically impossible to play Musical Chairs with that few people.
  246. You two clearly bring out the best in each other.
  247. You're watching episode 2 of Downton Abbey, Bad Romance.
    • (You're watching episode two of Downton Abbey, Bad Romance.)
  248. You charged into this trivia challenge and took no prisoners.
  249. The trivia game that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
  250. Alright, I'll shuffle the YouTube station called Bad Romance on living room device.
  251. Here's some info on How do I change my voicemail?
  252. Sorry, Modern Family is available for watching, but can't be recorded.
  253. The voice of John Legend is here for you.
  254. You may want to contact the manufacturer of the other device.
  255. Also, I checked, and there are no apps draining your battery.
  256. What time would you like me to send your daily outfit recommendations?
  257. Add your Cast devices to your Google Account to control them with your Assistant.
  258. Sure, here are some child-friendly Hilton Hotels & Resorts resorts around here.
    • (Sure, here are some child-friendly Hilton Hotels and Resorts resorts around here.)
  259. I'm sorry, the promotion you're trying to unlock has ended.
  260. Google Play Music is either not installed or can't be searched.
  261. By the way, we only accept AMEX, DISCOVER and VISA.
  262. This one has a good beat and you can dance to it.
  263. I can't complete your order because of a problem with your credit card.
  264. You can also change your default music provider in the Google Assistant settings.
  265. Just let me know as soon as you've found some more players.
  266. You can still search for that organization by tapping below.
  267. You can say something like 123 Main Street, Springfield.
    • (You can say something like one twenty three Main Street, ,Springfield.)
  268. I recognize Alice and Bob in the first and second photos.
  269. You can come back at any time and ask me to turn it on.
  270. Your phone's location setting is now on High Accuracy mode.
  271. Okay, the total including tax is nine dollars and ninety nine cents.
  272. To leave the game, just say Quit or Start Over.
  273. You need a game name anyway, so I'll just call you Hummingbird.
  274. Tune your brain to the world of music.
  275. A game in which ALL the contestants got every question correct.
  276. Let's break the ice with some warm-up questions.
  277. To celebrate, go ahead and treat yourself to some liquorice.
  278. I didn't get that. Can I send the last 90 seconds of audio?
    • (I didn't get that. Can I send the last ninety seconds of audio?)
  279. Number 12, a TV Show called The Next Generation.
    • (Number twelve, a T V Show called The Next Generation.)
  280. Sorry, that information is only available to the owner of the photo.
  281. What's the 10 digit number I should call?
    • (What's the ten digit number I should call?)
  282. In order to make purchases, please accept the terms of service.
  283. Grab a camera to capture this historic moment.
  284. For some reason, I wasn't able to open your web options.
  285. I need to get your current location and name from Google.
  286. No problem, asking Smart Audiobook Player to read you a book.
  287. Make sure there's enough chairs for everyone except one person.
  288. Let's stick with ninety nine or fewer for now.
  289. Now I can show you photos, reviews, or booking options.
  290. Usain Bolt could totally catch one.
  291. Set up YouTube Kids to enable playback on Google Home devices.
  292. Here is an example of one of my other voices.
  293. The alarm volume is currently set to zero percent.
  294. Are the two of you study partners or something?
  295. Low light environments, like during the evening.
  296. Looks like you inherited a knack for answering random questions.
  297. The subject is books and people who write them.
  298. The scientific method might help you figure this out.
  299. Try asking me again, and tell me the name of the program.
  300. This game was made for one to five people.
  301. I pulled it off the bookshelf for you.
  302. Once you say, I'm ready, I'll know to start the first round.
  303. Sorry, there are only three steps in this How To Guide.
  304. If you want me to do that later, just come back and ask.
  305. You'll need to turn on Personal Results before I can answer that question.
  306. Alright, here's a fairy tale story from Storynory on Google Play.
  307. Let's see what you know about pop culture.
  308. Try casting it from your phone or laptop instead.
  309. I'm happy to say that I'll be your host today.
  310. Give me a number more than one and less than ninety nine.
  311. You're listening to The Stand, written by George Saunders.
  312. Can you try to type it in or say it again?
  313. Prepare to enter the chamber of random trivia questions.
  314. But give this Maxdome Bad Romance radio mix a listen.
  315. Looks like there's nothing from Walmart in your cart.
  316. I'm not talking about you fine people, but your scores.
  317. Walk around, and the blue dot should move with you.
  318. Hopefully it won't sound like techno-babble.
  319. Way to step out of your comfort zone.
  320. No problem, here's 88.5 WMMR on YouTube.
    • (No problem, here's eighty eight point five W M M R on YouTube.)
  321. Sorry, Two tickets for Dunkirk at 8 pm.
    • (Sorry, Two tickets for Dunkirk at eight P M.)
  322. Do you want to update it, or choose another way to pay?
  323. It looks like Advanced Calling is turned off in your phone's settings.
  324. What is the only cat that can't retract its claws?
  325. Just clear away a chair, then tell me that you're ready.
  326. Don't let this stop you from making your donation online.
  327. The winners can go ahead and add it to Wikipedia right now.
  328. Sorry, media controls aren't supported on this device yet.
  329. You'll get email updates when your orders ship.
  330. Is the other device's Bluetooth turned on as well?
  331. If you like Family Trivia, try Family Trivia Sports Edition.
  332. Sorry, would you like to shop for peanut butter?
  333. This photo was taken in London, United Kingdom.
  334. Sorry, the order you have chosen is no longer valid.
  335. A mind-bending game of suspense and trivia.
  336. You can change this connection at any time in My Account.
  337. Sorry, something went wrong when checking the updated room rates.
  338. By clicking Share and Continue, you agree to the Doordash.
  339. And a great day for questions in general.
  340. The trivia party game that's all luck and half wits.
  341. I found your Uber account, Alice, and I've linked it to Google.
  342. A gentle, soothing voice to calm baby.
  343. You contestants get a gold star for sharing.
  344. If you see Open, the app is already up to date.
  345. And I have to say that this is freaking nuts.
  346. For the next round, do we have the same number of people?
  347. Does that mean somebody has to make you dinner?
  348. Prices have recently gone down by twenty dollars, to two hundred twenty dollars a night.
  349. What kind of insect is a Spanish fly?
  350. It's kind of dog-eared, but a good read.
  351. You can use your phone to cast the episode you'd like to watch.
  352. Or maybe you all just wanted to share the glory.
  353. From now on, you shall be known as Ace.
  354. You can say send feedback with audio, or send feedback without audio.
  355. To finish checking out, you need to update your payment info.
  356. I'm dedicating this one to Leeroy Jenkins.
  357. I wish you had said the cheetah.
  358. Sure, here are some Hilton Hotels & Resorts resorts like that near that address.
    • (Sure, here are some Hilton Hotels and Resorts resorts like that near that address.)
  359. Are you having problems with calls, music, or another issue?
  360. I'm going to keep calling you Hummingbird to help you remember.
  361. Okay, shuffling the Bad Romance station from your Google Play Music collection.
  362. This is the album Abbey Road by Selena Gomez.
  363. Just ask your Assistant, Play Lady Gaga on Spotify.
  364. You really need to win again and again to keep it.
  365. Sorry, I'm still not sure if it's okay to get your location.
  366. No problem, playing the latest episode of Serial, How The Space Station Works.
  367. I'll ask my team to fix it as soon as possible
  368. If you change your mind, you can always come back and sign in then.
  369. Everybody give Ace a big round of applause.
  370. I'll play it here, season 2, episode 2 of House of Cards.
    • (I'll play it here, season two, episode two of House of Cards.)
  371. I'll sing a nursery rhyme for you.
  372. Shake up your hair and get it all messy.
  373. You either hacked me or answered all the questions correctly.
  374. Do you spend a lot of time together or something?
  375. Try taking a few pictures from different angles now.
  376. Number 3, Get your cat snuggles without a cat.
    • (Number three, Get your cat snuggles without a cat.)
  377. Maybe we should play a game some other time.
  378. To hear songs on Google Home, link to your music providers.
  379. Are you able to record a short video now?
  380. You might try booking directly with them on the web.
  381. Not to alarm you, but it involves math.
  382. First, turn off your display, then use your voice to come back.
  383. This better not turn into a family feud, ok?
    • (This better not turn into a family feud, O K?)
  384. Put out 5 chairs in the center of the room.
    • (Put out five chairs in the center of the room.)
  385. And now we move on to the final round.
  386. I think this gizmo's on the fritz.
  387. Someone from Google Support will notify you when they're ready.
  388. Sorry, I can't send this payment through without the right security info.
  389. I can't seem to pull up any hotel information right now.
  390. It looks like donations have to be at least $1.
    • (It looks like donations have to be at least one dollar.)
  391. Should I serve up a few more questions?
  392. Was there a rolling blackout or something?
  393. Google Pay will charge your VISA 1 2 3 4.
    • (Google Pay will charge your VISA one two three four.)
  394. I recognize Charlie in the third and fourth one.
  395. To change the speed for that, use the Google Podcast app.
  396. As luck would have it, your random nickname is Hummingbird.
  397. I can help you donate to Save the Children.
  398. We've got five rounds to get through.
  399. Shake your shoulders like a pair of maracas.
  400. I will just send the transcribed text for your feedback.
  401. What is it you like or dislike about the Assistant?
  402. I don't see any Chromecasts or cast-enabled TVs linked to your account.
  403. There's only 1 Hilton Hotels & Resorts resort like that around here for Thursday night.
    • (There's only one Hilton Hotels and Resorts resort like that around here for Thursday night.)
  404. Seems like you're having issues with your GPS.
    • (Seems like you're having issues with your G P S.)
  405. Delivery.com will send you a confirmation email.
    • (delivery dot com will send you a confirmation email.)
  406. I did not understand. What would you like to change?
  407. The random question machine is begging for mercy.
  408. You're going to need a friend or two to play.
  409. Are you sure you want to open the The Wall Street Journal mobile app?
  410. The paint is still wet on this one.
  411. Sorry, National Public Radio is not currently available on your car radio.
  412. Actually, I can't check your volume level yet.
  413. You can stop playback on other devices and give it another try.
  414. You can use your regular name outside of the game.
  415. But go for a higher number next time.
  416. We know there are a lot of trivia options out there.
  417. A pairing code will appear on both devices.
  418. Playing Let It Be by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay.
    • (Playing Let It Be by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay.)
  419. The game show that you can play in your pajamas.
  420. If you have a case on your phone, try removing it.
  421. Ok, I'm looking forward to the next haunting.
    • (O K, I'm looking forward to the next haunting.)
  422. We can play this or that longer if you'd like to.
  423. The other possibility is you didn't get anything correct.
  424. Tap Set It Up, then tap your watch's name.
  425. After that it'll be one dollar and twenty three cents a year.
  426. Oh, and no liquorice for the other contestant.
  427. Sorry, I can't browse music from Spotify when content filters are turned on.
  428. The answer I was looking for is a beetle.
  429. Give everyone else high-fives as you dance.
  430. Open Google Maps and try moving the blue dot again.
  431. That's available to watch, but I can't add it to your Spotify library.
  432. You may be able to get it from the Google Play Store.
  433. It looks like there's an unrecognized Android version on your phone.
  434. This is episode 7 of Battlestar Galactica, Bad Romance.
    • (This is episode seven of Battlestar Galactica, Bad Romance.)
  435. Take a look at these Hilton Hotels & Resorts resorts around here that are available.
    • (Take a look at these Hilton Hotels and Resorts resorts around here that are available.)
  436. Do you want one of those, or would you like more options?
  437. And I'll use Netflix for it next time, too.
  438. Hope you paid attention in Lit class.
  439. This group has serious trivia talent.
  440. It might help to retrain the voice model.
  441. Clear away another chair and get ready for the music.
  442. I can only set the volume between 0 and 100%.
    • (I can only set the volume between zero and one hundred percent.)
  443. Zootopia is only available on Crackle, which isn't currently installed.
  444. Sorry, I couldn't verify your voice, so I can't show your playlists.
  445. It's fresh from the fact factory.
  446. You two got the same score of two points.
  447. Ace, Hummingbird, and Hollywood have tied for first place.
  448. Conjure the sounds of a haunted castle.
  449. Sounds like the beginning of a friendly rivalry to me.
  450. What phone number should they call you on?
  451. I hope this doesn't prevent you from playing again.
  452. But seeing as nobody got any of the questions right, we can move on.
  453. No problem, ESPN Radio from the NPR network.
    • (No problem, E S P N Radio from the N P R network.)
  454. Say Ok Google, and you should arrive back here.
    • (Say O K Google, and you should arrive back here.)
  455. Magic Rush, 100 Diamonds, got it.
    • (Magic Rush, one hundred Diamonds, got it.)
  456. So that's three dollars twenty five to UNICEF.
  457. Don't tell the others, but I had a feeling about you.
  458. It doesn't look like you have any playlists set up on Google Play Music.
  459. The culture that always gets invited to parties.
  460. Come back by tapping the back button when you're ready to continue.
  461. Sorry, I'm not exactly sure how to help with that.
  462. We're having trouble showing DIRECTV NOW results.
  463. Add your subscription info or change your preferred music service.
  464. Available on Google Home, Assistant Speakers and Android TV devices.
    • (Available on Google Home, Assistant Speakers and Android T V devices.)
  465. Choosing songs is only available for YouTube Music Premium subscribers.
  466. You can install iHeartRadio to stream it.
  467. I'm still your Google Assistant, but with extra smoothness.
  468. That'll be my little nickname for you.
  469. Welcome to Are you Feeling Lucky, Family style.
  470. I can set up a phone call or a chat.
  471. Sorry, please specify AM or PM.
    • (Sorry, please specify A M or P M.)
  472. Sorry, I also need to know which device to play on.
  473. And everyone deserves my admiration for playing.
  474. Luck is not on your side this time.
  475. Okay, I'll shuffle your playlist Bad Romance from YouTube, on living room device.
  476. You may need a cheat code for this one.
  477. Are your pictures always turning out blurry, or only in certain situations?
  478. Sorry, that experience isn't available in your country yet.
  479. You must've heard that one before.
  480. Do you want me to say the titles of the games again?
  481. To get walking directions, I'll need to check your home address.
  482. It looks like you'll need to link YouTube Kids before you can do that.
  483. I'll just keep going from where we left off.
  484. Every piece of feedback helps me learn.
  485. This one's quite a page-turner.
  486. That's not the answer that they gave me.
  487. If you wanna play another match, just say yes.
  488. Let's try again later, or just ask me to put on some music.
  489. You'll get an email update when it ships.
  490. The contestants were neck-and-neck until the end of the game.
  491. Both of you seem to have gotten two correct.
  492. You had an amazing run in that game.
  493. I'd get nervous playing with that many people.
  494. Here's a link to help you get things fixed up.
  495. I'll call you Ace, if that's OK with you.
    • (I'll call you Ace, if that's O K with you.)
  496. This one is unusual.
  497. Let's see how your luck measures up.
  498. Get ready for a non-standard measurement question.
  499. Musical Chair pedia says that these games usually work best with ninety nine players or fewer.