Specification to configure notifications published to Pub/Sub. Notifications are published to the customer-provided topic using the following PubsubMessage.attributes:

  • "eventType": one of the EventType values
  • "payloadFormat": one of the PayloadFormat values
  • "projectId": the projectId of the TransferOperation
  • "transferJobName": the transferJobName of the TransferOperation
  • "transferOperationName": the name of the TransferOperation

The contains a TransferOperation resource formatted according to the specified PayloadFormat.

JSON representation
  "pubsubTopic": string,
  "eventTypes": [
    enum (EventType)
  "payloadFormat": enum (PayloadFormat)


Required. The of the Pub/Sub topic to which to publish notifications. Must be of the format: projects/{project}/topics/{topic}. Not matching this format results in an INVALID_ARGUMENT error.


enum (EventType)

Event types for which a notification is desired. If empty, send notifications for all event types.


enum (PayloadFormat)

Required. The desired format of the notification message payloads.


Enum for specifying event types for which notifications are to be published.

Additional event types may be added in the future. Clients should either safely ignore unrecognized event types or explicitly specify which event types they are prepared to accept.

EVENT_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED Illegal value, to avoid allowing a default.
TRANSFER_OPERATION_SUCCESS TransferOperation completed with status SUCCESS.
TRANSFER_OPERATION_FAILED TransferOperation completed with status FAILED.
TRANSFER_OPERATION_ABORTED TransferOperation completed with status ABORTED.


Enum for specifying the format of a notification message's payload.

PAYLOAD_FORMAT_UNSPECIFIED Illegal value, to avoid allowing a default.
NONE No payload is included with the notification.
JSON TransferOperation is formatted as a JSON response, in application/json.