Class ShowVcenterCredentialsRequest (1.3.0)

    mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs

Request message for VmwareEngine.ShowVcenterCredentials


private_cloud str
Required. The resource name of the private cloud to be queried for credentials. Resource names are schemeless URIs that follow the conventions in For example: projects/my-project/locations/us-central1-a/privateClouds/my-cloud
username str
Optional. The username of the user to be queried for credentials. The default value of this field is CloudOwner@gve.local. The provided value must be one of the following: CloudOwner@gve.local, solution-user-01@gve.local, solution-user-02@gve.local, solution-user-03@gve.local, solution-user-04@gve.local, solution-user-05@gve.local, zertoadmin@gve.local.