Class GetSupportedLanguagesRequest (3.10.1)

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    mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs

The request message for discovering supported languages.


parent str
Required. Project or location to make a call. Must refer to a caller's project. Format: projects/{project-number-or-id} or projects/{project-number-or-id}/locations/{location-id}. For global calls, use projects/{project-number-or-id}/locations/global or projects/{project-number-or-id}. Non-global location is required for AutoML models. Only models within the same region (have same location-id) can be used, otherwise an INVALID_ARGUMENT (400) error is returned.
display_language_code str
Optional. The language to use to return localized, human readable names of supported languages. If missing, then display names are not returned in a response.
model str
Optional. Get supported languages of this model. The format depends on model type: - AutoML Translation models: projects/{project-number-or-id}/locations/{location-id}/models/{model-id} - General (built-in) models: projects/{project-number-or-id}/locations/{location-id}/models/general/nmt, Returns languages supported by the specified model. If missing, we get supported languages of Google general NMT model.