Batch updates / deletes of storage buckets / blobs.




Proxy an underlying connection, batching up change operations.


Return the topmost batch, or None.


Submit a single multipart/mixed request with deferred requests.

  • Return type

    list of tuples

  • Returns

    one (headers, payload) tuple per deferred request.

class, uri, headers, body)

Bases: email.mime.application.MIMEApplication

MIME type for application/http.

Constructs payload from headers and body

  • Parameters

    • method (str) – HTTP method

    • uri (str) – URI for HTTP request

    • headers (dict) – HTTP headers

    • body (str) – (Optional) HTTP payload

Create an application/* type MIME document.

_data is a string containing the raw application data.

_subtype is the MIME content type subtype, defaulting to ‘octet-stream’.

_encoder is a function which will perform the actual encoding for transport of the application data, defaulting to base64 encoding.

Any additional keyword arguments are passed to the base class constructor, which turns them into parameters on the Content-Type header.