Class RecognitionFeatures (2.26.0)

RecognitionFeatures(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Available recognition features.


profanity_filter bool
If set to true, the server will attempt to filter out profanities, replacing all but the initial character in each filtered word with asterisks, for instance, "f***". If set to false or omitted, profanities won't be filtered out.
enable_word_time_offsets bool
If true, the top result includes a list of words and the start and end time offsets (timestamps) for those words. If false, no word-level time offset information is returned. The default is false.
enable_word_confidence bool
If true, the top result includes a list of words and the confidence for those words. If false, no word-level confidence information is returned. The default is false.
enable_automatic_punctuation bool
If true, adds punctuation to recognition result hypotheses. This feature is only available in select languages. The default false value does not add punctuation to result hypotheses.
enable_spoken_punctuation bool
The spoken punctuation behavior for the call. If true, replaces spoken punctuation with the corresponding symbols in the request. For example, "how are you question mark" becomes "how are you?". See for support. If false, spoken punctuation is not replaced.
enable_spoken_emojis bool
The spoken emoji behavior for the call. If true, adds spoken emoji formatting for the request. This will replace spoken emojis with the corresponding Unicode symbols in the final transcript. If false, spoken emojis are not replaced.
Mode for recognizing multi-channel audio.
Configuration to enable speaker diarization and set additional parameters to make diarization better suited for your application. When this is enabled, we send all the words from the beginning of the audio for the top alternative in every consecutive STREAMING responses. This is done in order to improve our speaker tags as our models learn to identify the speakers in the conversation over time. For non-streaming requests, the diarization results will be provided only in the top alternative of the FINAL SpeechRecognitionResult.
max_alternatives int
Maximum number of recognition hypotheses to be returned. The server may return fewer than max_alternatives. Valid values are 0-30. A value of 0 or 1 will return a maximum of one. If omitted, will return a maximum of one.




Options for how to recognize multi-channel audio.

Values: MULTI_CHANNEL_MODE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Default value for the multi-channel mode. If the audio contains multiple channels, only the first channel will be transcribed; other channels will be ignored. SEPARATE_RECOGNITION_PER_CHANNEL (1): If selected, each channel in the provided audio is transcribed independently. This cannot be selected if the selected model is latest_short.