Tracing with OpenTelemetry

This library uses OpenTelemetry to automatically generate traces providing insight on calls to Cloud Spanner. For information on the benefits and utility of tracing, see the Cloud Trace docs.

To take advantage of these traces, we first need to install OpenTelemetry:

pip install opentelemetry-api opentelemetry-sdk opentelemetry-instrumentation

# [Optional] Installs the cloud monitoring exporter, however you can use any exporter of your choice
pip install opentelemetry-exporter-google-cloud

We also need to tell OpenTelemetry which exporter to use. To export Spanner traces to Cloud Tracing, add the following lines to your application:

from opentelemetry import trace
from opentelemetry.sdk.trace import TracerProvider
from opentelemetry.trace.sampling import ProbabilitySampler
from opentelemetry.exporter.cloud_trace import CloudTraceSpanExporter
# BatchExportSpanProcessor exports spans to Cloud Trace
# in a seperate thread to not block on the main thread
from opentelemetry.sdk.trace.export import BatchExportSpanProcessor

# Create and export one trace every 1000 requests
sampler = ProbabilitySampler(1/1000)
# Use the default tracer provider
    # Initialize the cloud tracing exporter

Generated spanner traces should now be available on Cloud Trace.

Tracing is most effective when many libraries are instrumented to provide insight over the entire lifespan of a request. For a list of libraries that can be instrumented, see the OpenTelemetry Integrations section of the OpenTelemetry Python docs