Class CreateBackupRequest (3.19.0)

CreateBackupRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

The request for CreateBackup][google.spanner.admin.database.v1.DatabaseAdmin.CreateBackup].


parent str
Required. The name of the instance in which the backup will be created. This must be the same instance that contains the database the backup will be created from. The backup will be stored in the location(s) specified in the instance configuration of this instance. Values are of the form projects/.
backup_id str
Required. The id of the backup to be created. The backup_id appended to parent forms the full backup name of the form projects/.
Required. The backup to create.
Optional. The encryption configuration used to encrypt the backup. If this field is not specified, the backup will use the same encryption configuration as the database by default, namely encryption_type][google.spanner.admin.database.v1.CreateBackupEncryptionConfig.encryption_type] = USE_DATABASE_ENCRYPTION.