Class Type (3.13.0)

Type(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Type indicates the type of a Cloud Spanner value, as might be stored in a table cell or returned from an SQL query.


Required. The TypeCode][google.spanner.v1.TypeCode] for this type.
If code][google.spanner.v1.Type.code] == ARRAY][google.spanner.v1.TypeCode.ARRAY], then array_element_type is the type of the array elements.
If code][google.spanner.v1.Type.code] == STRUCT][google.spanner.v1.TypeCode.STRUCT], then struct_type provides type information for the struct's fields.
The TypeAnnotationCode][google.spanner.v1.TypeAnnotationCode] that disambiguates SQL type that Spanner will use to represent values of this type during query processing. This is necessary for some type codes because a single TypeCode][google.spanner.v1.TypeCode] can be mapped to different SQL types depending on the SQL dialect. type_annotation][google.spanner.v1.Type.type_annotation] typically is not needed to process the content of a value (it doesn't affect serialization) and clients can ignore it on the read path.